May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#4 Books

1.Do you read e-books?
2.Do you read professional books?
3.Have you lent books to others?
4.Have you borrowed books from others?

1.I read e-books on my kindle, while I think is a convenient way for reading. E-books are cheaper than paper book and easy to carry for travel. Recently I am reading the second volume of the Game of Throne, which is really exciting story.

2.Yes, once I get interested in one field, I will find some professional books to help me learn more about that. Though we can also get much information from the Internet, yet professional books are more systematic and comprehensive.

3.I lent my comic books to my classmates when I was in primary school once, but I did not have a good experience for that. I seldom lend to others.

4.Yes, I borrowed a book from my supervisor last month. He wrote that book and I wanted to learn some information from his research. I read that book carefully and returned to him in one week.