May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#5 Family activities

1. What family activity will you Do when you were young? And What about now?
2. Has the family activity changed in last 20 years?
3. Do you spend more time at home or outside?
4. What do you do at home?
5. What is the different between the activities you do on holiday sand as usual?
6. In China, What sorts of things do people Do together as family?
7. When do you get together with other members of your family?

1.When I was young, I usually travelled with my families because all my families like travel. Now we still travel together, but less frequently since I don’t have too much free time because I need to study/ work.

2.No, in my family, we kept traveled many places in the last two decades.

3.Most of time, I stayed at home because I enjoy the time reading books quietly in my bedroom.

4.Usually, I will read books and listen to music. Sometimes, I will learn how to cook and do some cleaning.

5.On holidays, I may go to some places that are far from my home with my friends to have some relax. However, usually, I will just stay at home and enjoy being alone.

6.Well, most Chinese families will eat a great dinner together and chat with each other. Some families will play cards and majhong as well.

7.During the Spring Festival, all of my family members will get together. Because we are living and working in different cities, only in Spring Festival, we have chances to meet each other.