May to August 2019 IELTS Speaking Topic#6 Rubbish

1.Why do some people litter?
2.How do you feel about that?
3.What do you do with garbage when you are on the street?
4.Do you think your city is clean or not?

1.I think some people are lazy and they don’t want to take rubbish until they find a garbage can. and there are some people don’t have the awareness to protect our environment, so they just throw rubbish anywhere.

2.Personally, I don’t agree with this behavior and think the public’s awareness of protecting the environment should be enhanced.

3.Depends on the situation, if I’m in a hurry, i will probably ignore it and rush to my destination. But if I am in a good mood and have plenty of time to kill, why not bother to do a good thing. But have to say, everyone should contribute to protect the environment and even little movements count.

4.Since I’m living in Shanghai, I think it’s at least of the top three cleanest cities in China. Normally, you can’t see garbage on the street and the haze is also not as heavy as the northern cities. I can see street cleaners everyday,

and most of people in Shanghai behave good enough to maintain the cleanness.