Part 1

Examiner:Hello, my name is . . .. Can you tell me youR name, please?

Candidate:My name is . . ..

Examiner:Can you show me your I.D., please? Thank you.

Examiner:First, I’d like to ask your a few general questions about yourself. Do you live in a house or a flat?

Candidate:I live in a small rented flat.

Examiner:How long have you lived there?

Candidate:Not long. I moved in there two months ago.

Examiner:Can you briefly describe the flat?

Candidate:Well, it’s a sniff, two-bedroom place, but it’s got a nice view of the mountains, and it has a small terrace, which I think is the best thing about ir. I’m sharing it with my brother at the moment, but he’s planning to find a place of his own next year. The rent is a bit high, but it’s not far from where I work, so I don’t spend hours commuting every day.

Examiner:Now let’s talk about shopping. Do you like shopping?

Candidate:I do, but only for certain things, like clothes or gadgets or books. Most things, except food, I buy online nowadays, from the comfort of my home. I hate food shopping, though. I find it really boring having to buy the same things every time l go to the supermarket.

Examiner:Now let’s move on to talk about music. Do you listen to music? What kind of music do you listen to?

Candidate:I listen to music every day. I’ve got a large collection of old LPs I got from my dad. That’s really how I first got interested in music. I listen to all sorts of music. My MP3 player is full of jazz, rock, folk and other sorts of music, but 1 also like to listen to classical music. 1 go out to listen to live music whenever I can. In face, I prefer listening to live rather than recorded music. It’s a totally different experience to listen and watch someone play.



Examiner:Now in this part, you should talk about a topic for one minute. You can take a minute to make some notes before you speak. Here is a pencil and some paper for you, and the topic card. I would like you to describe a film you saw and really liked.

(Candidate makes notes)

Examiner:Now, you have one minute to tally about the topic. I will tell you when to stop.

Candidate:I have lots of favourite films I like, but I think the best film of all time is X. A friend of mine recommended it to me last year. In fact we watched it together at her place, which was great as I don’t like going to the cinema much. It was a film about a boy who was growing up in a small town, about his friends, dreams and problems. I liked it because the plot was quite simple, but it
was very interesting. His best friend was a bird—I thinly it was a hawk or something like that. He found the bird dying in an old barn and nursed it back to health. He got very emotionally attached to the bird, but had to let it go once it recovered. I really liked the photography. There wasn’t much dialogue in the film, but it was never boring. It’s not really the hind of film I would have picked up in a store, and I would never have watched it if my friend hadn’t recommended it to me.

Examiner:Would you like to see the film again?

Candidate:I have it on DVD and actually have seen it a couple of times since then. It really is one of those films worth watching more than once.



Examiner:Now in this part I would like you to ask a few more general questions about the topic you’ve talked about. What kinds of films are popular in your country?

Candidate:Well, I guess like anywhere else, Hollywood blockbusters are what most people see. Independent films are also popular, but not as popular as Hollywood movies. There are very few films made locally, so national films are not that big in this country.

Examiner:Why do you think some people prefer going to the cinema to watching films at home?

Candidate:I personally like watching films at home. I can’t stand it when someone next to me is making a noise eating popcorn, or when a phone goes off in the audience. People who choose to go out and see a movie in a cinema just want a different kind of experience. For them going to see a movie is an event, a change from home. Some people say that the quality of image and sound is much better in the cinema than at home, but I think it matters less now than it used to as many home entertainment systems nowadays can produce just as good a picture and sound.

Examiner:Do you think people will continue going to the cinema in the future?

Candidate:Hmm. . . it’s hard to tell, but I think they will. As I said, for many cinema goers going to movies is a social event. They won’t want to give it up and stay in to watch a movie. But you never know—technology might be developed which will make it possible to bring a true cinema experience to people’s homes.

Examiner:Thank you. That’s the end of the test.