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IELTS is an international test. The English used in the test and heard on the audio can be British, American, Australian, or New Zealand English. The language tested will be comprehensible to any learner of English.

In this book, we point out the common differences between American English and the English used in other parts of the world. Footnotes are provided to show differences in spelling and usage. Whatever spelling you use when writing your test answers, the examiners will accept, as long as you are consistent throughout.

Inteniational of English are aware of differences in usage and spelling. Most international users understand that colour is written color in American English and that organize is written organise in British English. Because of films, international magazines, travel, and the Internet, we know that apartment and flat and gas and petrol, downtown and city centre are synonyms. We know that an American form is filled out and in Britain it is filled in. In Britain, a family could take a holiday at the sea. In America, vacationers go to the beach for a vacation; in New Jersey, they go to the shore. We may use one synonym, but we understand theĀ·other without problem.

We know that the cultural institutions of English-speaking countries are organized (organised) differently. American and Australian students study for a semester or a term; British students study for a term. In Canada and Britain, students get marks, in America, they get grades. A British public school is a private school in America. In America, a building begins on the first floor. In Britain, one starts at the ground floor. In America, a friend is a pal or a buddy. In Australia, people call each other mate in conversation, whether they are friends or not. We can understand these differences from the context. Their meanings will not be misunderstood.


Barrons IELTS The Trusted Name in Test Prep

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