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Collins COBUILD Key Words for IELTS is a brand-new series of three graded books that contains the fundamental vocabulary students need to pass the IELTS exam.

These books were written specifically for non-native English speakers who plan to take the IELTS exam to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills to communicate successfully in English at work or at university.

Book 1 of the Collins COBUILD Key Words for IELTS Starter contains the most frequent IELTS words and phrases, providing learners with a solid foundation in the important words and phrases they will need as they prepare for the IELTS exam.

The vocabulary elements are ordered alphabetically, like in a dictionary, and terms are properly labeled according to theme in these vocabulary books.

Students can expand their vocabulary and improve their accuracy and fluency by using hundreds of vocabulary-building features, synonyms, phrases, and collocations. The Academic Word List’s key terms are also covered.

The title also includes a thematic word list part, grouped according to topics that regularly appear in IELTS exams, to assist pupils consolidate what they’ve learned.

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Collins Cobuild Key words for IELTS Book

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