General Writing Task 2 #10
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
There are many things that motivate a person to work, but money is the most compelling. In your opinion, how influential is the power of money?
Write at least 250 words.


Most of people are persuaded to do their job well by having supportive superior, friendly colleagues and tidy workplace. However, reasonable salary is the major motivator for an employee induce to work. In this essay will be elucidating if how dollars could change our lives, as well as my own opinion regarding this topic.

Money could divert the outlook of a person towards work. For instance, an employee with a managerial position in a company would probably seek for another employer that offers a better wage albeit entry level position if the compensation is not enough for him to sustain his commodities. it is proven that people could be able to let go their position in a certain company in exchange of higher salary.

Moreover, additional benefits and incentives could affect the attitude of every labourer regarding their jobs. It will make the timid personnel much productive and cheerful in doing task if he will receive a bonus. For example, most employees in the Philippines are being diligent and ecstatic when the month of December is coming for the reason that employers are subjected to give each and every worker a Christmas bonus and a 13th month pay once a year. Therefore, an extra indemnity could change a worker’s mood.

In conclusion, reasonable wage and additional inducements can motivate and influence labourers. However, employees should perform their duties responsibly to get an higher salary and be recognize by their company.