General Writing Task 2 #8
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
To what extent do you think governments should be held responsible when problems of homelessness and unemployment arise?
Write at least 250 words.


The function that an administration plays in the status of the social and financial power of its people is a topic that is usually debated. Even though a nation’s administration impact the level of homelessness and unemployment, these issues are much highly influenced by the external aspects. This can be evidenced by referring to how international economic environment and personal domestic relations have influenced many countries along with their people.

To begin with, particular worldwide economic improvements, outside the administration’s sphere of influence could lead to terrible issues for a country’s rate of homelessness and unemployment. For instance, during the international economic crisis, the income decreased all over the world causing a decreased demand of more goods manufactured in the South East of Asia. The non-positive ramifications this had on works in most of South Asian nations happened due to the free choices made by the respective administrations. Hence, it is obvious that a country’s level of homelessness and unemployment could be affected no matter of its political policies.

Another point, social unhealthy affairs are held responsible for the increased examples of anti social and illegal behaviors among the youth, depriving them from suitable social status and education that contributes to homelessness and unemployment. For instance, in the previous decade, the western nations have seen many communal unrest in the youth than before. The individuals responsible for these environments give much priority to gangs, drugs and alcohol other than education and family and thus a greater percentage of individuals now are homeless and unemployed. This shows that the number of individuals with no homes or jobs can be influenced by the improvements outside the administration’s control.

To sum up, it looks hard to support the view that the government must be held fully responsible for the homelessness and work loss of their people. Nonetheless, it is everyone’s hope that the political authorities should take great measures to support its people in solving such complications.