IELTS Essay Topic #12 Water

Importance of Clean Water

  • Water is as necessary natural resource
  • Humans need access to clean, safe drinking water in order to live
  • Poor water quality is a major cause of disease and death in some countries
  • Water usually needs to be treated before we can drink it
  • Developing countries often lack the means to treat and supply water to citizens
  • Developed countries tend to have much better sanitation
  • Citizens have access to clean tap water
  • Drinking water is not contaminated by sewage or waste water
  • The supply of clean water would improve public health in many developing countries

Water Supply

  • Urban life would be impossible without water supply systems
  • These systems are massive engineering projects
  • Many professionals are involved in their planning, construction and maintenance
  • The supply and distribution of water are major concerns
  • Water is becoming scarce in some countries
  • Areas that suffer droughts often need to import water
  • As populations grow, there is more pressure on water supplies
  • This could lead to a water crisis

Water and Politics

  • The supply of water is also an important political issue
  • Huge amounts of water are needed for agriculture and industry
  • The irrigation of crops accounts for a large proportions of water use
  • A water crisis could lead to political conflicts or even wars

Argument: Water should be Free

  • Some people believe that water should be free for everyone
  • Governments should supply water to all homes at no cost
  • Private companies should not be allowed to profit from this natural resource
  • Money from taxes can be used to pay for water supply systems

Argument: Water should not be Free

  • If water is free, people take it for granted
  • They do not think about how much water they waste
  • They leave taps running while washing or brushing their teeth
  • If we have to pay for water, we will use it more responsibly
  • Water supply systems are extremely expensive
  • Investment is needed to maintain and improve them
  • Private companies may provide a better service than governments
  • If they provide an efficient service, they will make more money
  • They will repair leaks to avoid losing money

Bottled Water: Opinions

  • Some people carry bottles of water wherever they go
  • For example, they take bottles of water to work or to the gym
  • They believe that bottled water is healthier than tap water
  • They also argue that it tastes better
  • However, other people believe that we should consume less bottled water
  • Plastic water bottles add to litter and waste problems
  • Companies should not be able to make a profit from water
  • It is unethical to make money by selling packaged water
  • There is no difference in quality between bottled and tap water