IELTS Reading Texts Essential Practice for High Band Scores PDF DOWNLOAD

This book is crucial reading practice for those who are serious about getting a high IELTS band score on the IELTS Reading paper.

It’s not simple to get a high IELTS band in Reading! Books that tell you otherwise should be ignored. Reading strategies and tips books are helpful, but they are insufficient preparation for this essential exam. There aren’t any shortcuts to success. Reading hard literature in a short period of time is a difficult task. You must have already been exposed to a variety of literature, have a large vocabulary, and be well-versed in the types of questions that will be asked on the exam.

There are two portions to this book:

  • Multiple Choice Questions Reading includes 20 readings and questions, as well as detailed commentary on why responses are correct or incorrect, suggestions on how to approach questions, a list of typical errors, and a glossary of key vocabulary. The majority of IELTS Reading materials do not provide you with the detailed feedback you require to develop your reading abilities. This omission is remedied by this digital book from
  • Full IELTS Reading includes 10 passages with all types of questions, including skimming, multiple choice, true/false/not given, vocabulary, cloze exercise, and inferencing. Again, extensive feedback is provided. You’ll be instructed where to search in the texts for the answers, as well as detailed explanations of those solutions.


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IELTS Reading Texts Essential Practice for High Band Scores PDF DOWNLOAD

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