IELTS Speaking Part 1 BIRTHDAY


  1. Can you remember a birthday that you enjoyed as a child?
    I still remember my 13th birthday. It started out with no plan and we decided to just have fun within my family members but as it turned out to be, people started coming just like that, some saw my father getting cake and others simply wanted to wish me. It was a surprise of its own kind and we had almost 50 people in the house. It was real fun, meeting people and then opening the gifts.
  2. Do you think birthdays are important?
    Yes, absolutely I do. Everyone, regardless their age, deserves to have a meaningful birthday celebration not only to mark another milestone of their life but to share wishes and happiness with their beloved ones.
  3. Which year’s birthday is the most important one to you?
    I think 18 is an important birthday for people because that is when you really declare your independence and are totally responsible for your behavior.
  4. Do you usually celebrate your birthdays?
    Yes, I do. Although it is not very huge party but I make sure that there is a party and that I have all my near and dear ones surrounding me during my birthday.