1. What would you like to bring with you when you go outside?
    Option 1: Well, you know, there are certainly some items that I’d consider essentials whenever I go out. For example, a pair of headphones to listen to music when I’m on the move. It really makes my daily commute less boring.
    Option 2: Well, it has got to be my smart phone. You know I’m kind of an Internet addict so having my phone by my side is a must, cause you know, I can do practically anything with it, from surfing Facebook to creating documents, you name it.
  2. Have you ever forgotten to bring your things?
    Well, I gotta admit I’m quite a forgetful person. There have certainly been times when I’ve left the house without my keys, my phone or even worse, my wallet. It’s really a nuisance finding out that you have no cash on hand when you want to pay for, like, a coffee or something.
  3. Do you bring the same things when you go out in the morning and in the evening? I guess I do bring different items at different times of day. Like, for example, in the morning when it’s really sunny, a pair of shades might come in handy so I always bring that. By contrast, at night when it can get a bit cold, it’s quite useful to have a light jacket to brace yourself against the chill.
  4. How do you remember the things that you need to bring out?
    Well, to be honest, I have a memory like a sieve so remembering every daily task, including what should be brought along when I go out is challenging to me. And actually, I always take advantage of my notebook to jot down the list of my essential items with a view to bearing all in mind.