1. Did you collect anything (such as stamps or CD’s) when you were a child?
    Of course I did. When I was a child, I and my sister really enjoyed collecting Barbie CDs. At that time, the Barbie CD collection was considered as my biggest treasure. Before the Internet went viral, watching CDs was one of teenagers’ favorite pastimes.
  2. Do you still collect them now?
    Well, I don’t. I have grown out of the Barbie CDs. Moreover, thanks to advances in Technology, we can now watch everything on the Internet, so there is no need to collect CDs.
  3. Do you collect anything as a hobby now?
    Yes, I do. As a girl, I am really fond of collecting gorgeous dresses in various styles. Whenever I have time, I always go around shopping malls to keep myself up to date with the latest fashions. Up to now, I have assembled a collection of more than 30 dresses.
  4. Why do you like collecting things?
    Well, collecting things gives me a sense of excitement. When you are able to gather things together that you love, you feel extremely satisfied. Collecting things allows me to pursue anything that I like, from the cheapest to the most luxurious.
  5. Do people in your country like to collect things?
    Yes, they do. However, the things collected vary from people to people. While the wealthy are interested in collecting luxury cars and expensive stuff, others collect simpler things, even family heirlooms, which is dependent on their own inclination or interest.
  6. Why do you think people like collecting things?
    Because collecting things is a pleasing hobby. As I have said, the feeling when collecting our favorite stuff day by day is really appealing, which helps to relieve stress and pressure at work or school. Moreover, I think collections can tell you a lot about their owners, such as characteristics or personalities.