IELTS Speaking Part 1 COLOR


  1. What are your favorite colors?
    My favorite colors are baby pink, emerald and black and white stripes. Different tones of pink can make my complexion look great. And I think black and white is always the classic match. It is the timeless chic. It is always hip!
  2. Do you think the different colors can show the different personalities of different people?
    I think so. People who fancy warm colors like bright red, gold yellow, baby pink or burnt orange might be more enthusiastic, frisky and friendly; however, people who are addicted to cold colors like purple, green, brown or grey tend to be more serious, modest and sophisticated. Well, this is just a general idea; it varies from people to people.
  3. What colors do Vietnamese people love? What do these colors mean to Vietnamese?
    Red is one of the colors loved by the Vietnamese people. The color red symbolizes celebration, happiness and good things. In the celebration of the Vietnamese New Year, holidays and gatherings, red is a must. Even in western countries, people call days when something special happened made them happy “red-letter days” and they say “roll out the red carpet” to welcome honored guests. And the color “yellow” was in ancient time the symbol of royal family, especially the emperor. Yellow symbolizes supreme power, the highest status and nobility.