IELTS Speaking Part 1 DANCE


  1. What kind of dance is popular in Vietnam?
    Well, actually, I don’t have much knowledge about dance, and in general Vietnamese people don’t dance, at least I don’t know anyone in my acquaintance who dances. So I’m afraid I have no idea about the answer of this question.
  2. Do you like dancing? (Why? /Why not?)
    Option 1: No, because first of all never did I dance before, so I don’t know how to dance. Then secondly, I’m introverted and dancing is sort of showing yourself, so I don’t think it complies with my character.
    Option 2: Well, I love to dance but I’m not much of a dancer to be honest. When I dance I find myself thinking too much about the steps instead of just feeling the music, rhythmic movements and let the body take control.
  3. Do you like to watch others dance?
    I do love watching people dance because when they dance, they look like they are really enjoying themselves and having a good time. I can feel their energy and appreciation for life when they let their body move to the music. Somehow it makes me feel rejuvenated and inspired.
  4. In the future, would you like to learn dancing?
    I don’t really know about this. I used to have much more time for things like ballroom dancing lessons back when I was a student but now I’m pretty caught up in my work. But who knows, maybe when I can manage to set some time aside for myself I will take up dancing again.
  5. Do you think there are any advantages for young people (children) to go dancing? Well, since there isn’t anything that is thoroughly bad, so I believe there must be some benefit for young people to learn dance, because at least they could doing it like an exercise.