IELTS Speaking Part 1 DREAM


  1. Do you often dream at night?
    Option 1: Yes I do. I have quite vivid dreams about things that are going on in my life at the time I even have nightmares sometimes.
    Option 2: I usually have dreams when I’m upset about something. I guess it’s my subconscious trying to worry to work things out. But other than that, I don’t often dream.
  2. How long can you remember your dream when you wake up?
    Option 1: Not really long I guess, they’re usually very vague and I only remember the odd thing or image. But I can never remember the entire dream as they are too abstract.
    Option 2: Honestly, I have a memory like a sieve, so I usually keep a dream diary so that I can analyze them later.
  3. Do you like hearing others dream?
    Option 1: Yes, I guess. A lot of people are haunted by their dream, and they really just need someone to talk to about it. Some are scared out of their mind if they see nightmares.
    Option 2: To be honest, I am kind of a quite curious girl so if others would like to tell me about their dreams, I would always be willing to hear. But then I would also forget their stories quite quickly, as my memory is not so good.
  4. Do you think dream will affect life?
    Option 1: Yeah, to a certain extent, I think. Some people are really affected by what they see in their dreams. If they see death or suffering, for example, they may interpret it as an omen,
  5. and they often take some precautions like being extra careful on the road. So yeah, I guess dreams do influence our behaviors.
    Option 2: I can’t say for sure but you know, some believe that what happens in their dream has something to do with their real life. But to me personally, as I have mentioned before, I even could not recall my dreams, let alone figuring out their meaning or possible effects on my life.
  6. Do you want to learn more about dreams?
    Well, it’s not an area that I take a keen interest in, so I gotta say no. I’m sure dreams can reveal truly fascinating things about our brain and our cognition, but to be honest, I’m more of an art person, so I prefer to learn about music or culture rather than dreams.
  7. Do you remember your dream when you wake up?
    Option 1: Well, I can say that I often forget my dreams in a few minutes after waking up, so sometimes I confuse that I do not dream at all. But, recently I have read an article on dreams and it says that we all dream every night, but the matter is these dreams are quickly erased from our memory and I also do not know why.
    Option 2: Well, I have to say that it depends. You know, whenever I have a nightmare, I can easily remember my dreams but when I really have a deep sleep, it is not a piece of cake.
  8. Do you want to know more about dreams?
    Yes, if I have a chance, I would not mind digging deeper into dreams. People tend to think that what happens in their dream predictions for their future, so I really would like to find out whether there is some truth in it.