IELTS Speaking Part 1 GARDEN


  1. Does your family have a garden?
    No, we don’t have one at the moment, but I think my parents are planning to buy some land so that we can have our own little garden. My mom’s really into flowers, you see; she’s wanted to have a garden for herself ever since she was young.
  2. Do many people in Vietnam have their own garden?
    In the inner city areas- no, there’s no room for gardens, they are just concrete jungles. But in the suburbs or in the countryside then yes, lots of people have their own garden. I mean my aunts and uncles live in the countryside and they have very large gardens in which they plant tons of vegetables and flowers.
  3. If someone has a private garden in Vietnam, do they usually prefer to grow flowers or vegetables?
    It depends, I think. I’ve never seen anyone with a private garden in the city, but if there is one, then the owner must want to grow flowers. Taking care of vegetables in the city requires a lot of work and effort. People from the countryside, on the other hand, often grow vegetables on their private plots.
  4. Have you ever grown anything? (in a garden, or possibly in a flower pot)
    I used to grow some sort of beans in a very small pot back when I was in primary school. We had an assignment in which we had to grow beans and bring them to class. It wasn’t very successful though; the rats in the yard just kept eating all the beans and I couldn’t bring anything to class at the time.
  5. Do Vietnamese people like growing flowers?
    I’m not really sure, but I guess not many people like growing their own flowers. I think most of the time they just go to the market and buy some flowers instead.
  6. Do you like growing flowers?
    I don’t. Flowers are actually not my cup of tea. They surely look beautiful and some even smell really good, but I just can’t see the point of constantly looking at or taking care of flowers. I prefer cactuses.