IELTS Speaking Part 1 JEWELRY


  1. What’s your attitude toward jewelry?
    As a lady, jewelry plays an important role in my fashion world this is due to the reason that jewelry adds color to my clothing and makes my outfit looks elegant. For instance, I usually wear my silver-plated earrings and my silver bracelet when I go out. It may be simple but it looks classic.
  2. What kind of jewelry do you like to buy?
    Well, I don’t really like accessorizing a lot but I like wearing earrings most because of the reason that earrings makes my face looks more attractive. You know, it can make me look more sassy. Therefore, I can say that earrings are a must whenever I go out.
  3. Do you like wearing jewelry?
    I don’t own many golds or diamond jewelry. Probably, I don’t like putting on much of them. But I do love accessorizing my clothes with artificial jewelry. I have a dozen of earrings. All that I have collected over a period of time. I do even own some hand wrist but not much of them either.
  4. How often do you wear jewelry?
    I am a lady so I would say that I frequently wear simple jewelry when I go out such as a pair of earrings and a watch this is because of the reason that it adds intensity to my overall outfit. For instance, when I hang out with my friends I must wear these accessories because most of my friends are fashionable so I must fit in. Basically, jewelry is just part of our fashion trend.
  5. When you may like to wear jewelry?
    Since I am a guy and men generally have limited options when it comes to jewelry, I would definitely choose a watch on any given day to accessorize. Some of my guy friends wear men’s bracelets and I think they look really cool with those, too. Of course men can put on earnings and necklaces, but personally I think it’s hard for a man to look neat with too many accessories. I truly believe in ‘Less is more’ for men regarding jewelry.
  6. Have you ever sent others jewelry as a present?
    Yead, for one time. I have bought a watch as a gift to a special friend of mine The watchband itself made for a beautiful piece of jewelry because it consisted of different colorful gemstones. I gave my present on her big day and needless to say, she was speechless and over the moon.
  7. Why do some people love to buy expensive jewelry?
    Option 1: I think the reason is because the pieces of jewelry a person wears can tell us heaps about their social and financial status. A very wise person whose name I can’t recall once said: “You can tell a lot about a man by looking at the watch on his wrist.” The choice of jewelry can also inform us of the fashion sense of style that person is pursuing.
    Option 2: Well, I haven’t thought of that question but I guess that fancy jewelry is part of a person’s status in life. This is common for those wealthy people; they normally buy luxurious jewelries to show off. Diamonds for instance, diamonds are one of the most expensive jewelry worn by most women; if you wear diamonds in a party you will look exquisite. All in all, expensive jewelries are for those rich people.
  8. Do people in your country ever wear jewelry, such as rings or necklaces?
    The majority of Vietnamese women I know adore wearing jewelry. I notice that some of the common pieces of jewelry they own and ear are earnings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. I think the main reasons why Vietnamese women love and wear jewelry to make a fashion statement like celebrities and fashionistas. Vietnamese men wear jewelry too, but their choices are usually watches or wedding bands for those married.