1. Do you know your neighbors?
    Yes, of course I do. People in my neighborhood know each other quite well, and all of them are very friendly and lovable. The family living next to my house is always willing to offer assistance when we need, and so is my family.
  2. Do you like your neighbors?
    Well yes, I love them, because they are good neighbors. The family next door has a grandmother whom I really respect, as she always gives me useful advice. I think that we live in harmony with one another.
  3. What do you think of your neighbors?
    As I have said, they are warm-hearted people. They receive a lot of affection and admiration for their kindness and generosity. I think it is quite good fortune for my family to live next to them.
  4. How often do you see (or talk to) your neighbors?
    I think very often. Each morning, we frequently greet when we meet each other. Whenever I am not occupied with schoolwork, I will visit the grandmother to talk to her. Her life experience and advice have helped me to overcome many difficulties and challenges.
  5. When do you meet your neighbors?
    We meet every day, since we live next to each other. Particularly, at the weekends, the neighbors will gather in the biggest house to hold a party or BBQ, which is very appealing to the children.
  6. Do you think the relationships with your neighbors are good?
    Option 1: Definitely, yes! Well, it is more of a friendly relation because we both work for the same company and share our cars to work together. It is almost like a family friend and we do help each other out in tough situations.
    Option 2: Unfortunately, I don’t really feel so. Being a bachelor, I spend most of my time either working or studying or being part of some extracurricular activity. So, rarely do I get to spend time with my neighbors. However, I do know that there is an old couple that lives next to my house and we do pass smiles when we meet.
  7. Do you think it is important to have good neighbors?
    Yes, I feel that having a good relationship with them can allow me to lead a comfortable life in the community. I can make new friends with them, sharing the same interests and I can learn more skills from them about how to educate my boy.
  8. What kind of problems can people have with neighbors?
    Although, I do believe neighbors are people you would love to have, but then having people beside you who don’t understand basic nature of living, is truly a mess. For example, people who play loud music or those who ring your bell and run away. Then there are some people who tend to bitch about you in front of others. I think probably these are the kind of neighbors you would rather not have.
  9. How well do you know your next-door neighbors?
    As I am living in my house for more than 3 decades, I know maximum of my neighbors very well. We meet in the evening daily and sometimes my family travels with my next-door neighbor in the holidays.
  10. How can neighbors be helpful?
    Neighbors, I believe are a family away from home. So, it is not only about just helping you in need, for example, in cases of emergency but also provide the emotional support when needed.
  11. How your neighbors helped you before?
    I think I’m lucky, I’ve got good neighbors because I know I could call on him if I needed to. We will always help each other if we can. I dug his car out of the snow for him once as he didn’t have a shovel and he returned the favor in other ways, taking in parcels for me when I’m away for example.