IELTS Speaking Part 1 PETS


1.Do you have any pets?
Yes. I’m raising two dogs at the moment. They are my best buddies and always guard my house for me.

2.Do you like animals?
To be honest, I only like friendly animals such as dogs, cats and birds. I consider them human’s friends and keeping them as pets helps me to release any negative emotions I’m feeling.

3.What pet would you want to keep if you could choose one?
I would go for a dog. They are so friendly and can possibly help me to stay away from thinking negatively. Walking a dog is the best remedy for me to release stress after a long day.

4.How do the rest of your family feel about pets?
They are fond of pets, too. My parents would love to have a spacious yard to raise 10 dogs. That’s the reason why we have just moved to the outskirts of Hanoi to make that dream come true.

5.Have you ever had a bad experience with an animal?
No, I haven’t. My childhood was full of blissful memories of animals. I once lived with my grandmother on her farm, which was home to a lot of animals. That time played an important role in my emotional development. Thanks to those experiences, I am now an animal lover and working part time in an animal rescue organisation in Vietnam.