1. What is your plan for the future and when will you start?
    I’m planning to start my own advertising agency when I’m in my third year at university. I’ve been preparing this plan of mine ever since I was a high school student and I’ve raised nearly enough capital now.
  2. How do you intend to achieve that?
    I’m working on raising capital, and I also need some partners to work on this project with me
    –I’ve shared my plan with my friends and some of them seemed really interested in it. And once I’ve got someone, we’ll take care of the rest together.
  3. Do you plan to spend many years overseas?
    Yead I really do. I always wanted to study in an oversea university as it would ensure a better educational environment and quality education compared to the universities of my country.
  4. Apart from that, the opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures and people in a foreign university is something I don’t want to miss. Finally, a foreign degree, especially a degree from a reputed USA or UK university is helpful for better career prospect in our country.
  5. If you go abroad, do you plan to live in the countryside or in a big city? (Why?)
    I’d prefer living in the countryside, mostly because I want to experience the tranquility there. Another reason is because the traffic and air pollution in some big cities are almost unbearable, and I seriously don’t want to get stuck with all the problems of city life.
  6. After you go abroad, do you plan to join any clubs?
    Oh yes, I’m into joining some local clubs to pursue my personal hobbies such as photography and hiking. You know, the main factor is that club activities can enrich my spare time with lots of happiness and positive experience, and also can help me meet new friends and get familiar with the local community.