IELTS Speaking Part 1 SEASON


1.What’s your favourite season?
That’s summer. I am really into sunbathing at the beach and eating ice. These activities make
me feel more alive after shivering with cold for so long during the winter.

2.What do people in your country like to do in different seasons?
Well, in summer, Vietnamese people tend to take part in water sports, which helps them to cool down. In contrast, they often stay indoors and drink hot chocolate to keep themselves warm through winter.

3.What’s the least favourite season in your country?
I guess it is summer even though it is my favourite season. Most people don’t like soaking with sweat. Besides, Vietnamese women are obsessed with pale complexion, so they always worry about being tanned in summer.

4.What are the differences between different seasons?
I think the biggest difference is the temperature. While summer has a higher temperature, around 35 degrees, winter is colder with temperatures between 5 – 15 degrees. In different seasons, people also pick different types of clothes. They love wearing light clothes during summer, while in winter, the use of woollen clothes increases.

5.What season is good for travelling in your hometown?
It is definitely summer. This is when children get off school and families can spend time together. Besides, it is also suitable for most types of activities, from energetic activities to relaxing ones. That’s why summer is the best choice for travelling.