1.What was your favorite subject in secondary school?
That was literature. I’m a bookworm, so literature was a way for me to immerse myself in books.

2.And which subject did you like the least? (Why?)
That’s definitely physical education. Not because of the subject itself, but it was my teacher who made me disinterested in it. He was so irresponsible, and he often got drunk before teaching us. I had no idea why the principal put up with him for so long.

3.Which secondary school subject do you think is most useful for people in adult life?
I’d go for English. This is because it is the key skill we need in this globalized world. For example, there are tons of international companies located in Vietnam. This leads to an increase in job opportunities, but Vietnamese people must be fluent in particular languages, like English, to stand a chance at gaining one of these jobs.

4.What part of your secondary school education did you enjoy the most?
Actually I have some bitter memories from my time in secondary school. I used to suffer from bullying so those years were like a dark chapter of my life. I wish I had a delete button to erase them from my head.

5.How do you feel about your secondary school?
As I said before, my time in secondary schools wasn’t peaceful. So, in other words, I still hold a grudge against that school.

6.Why did you choose to attend that particular school?
Actually it wasn’t my choice, that was my parents’ choice. At that time, I was too young to make any decisions about my education.