IELTS Speaking Part 1 TEACHER


  1. Do you have a favorite teacher?
    Um… Yeah, I suppose I do, but it’s actually kind of hard to pick out a favorite because I’ve been really lucky with all my teachers. You know, they’ve been really great, at least most of them anyway, but I guess my favorite teacher would have to be my English language teacher, because she was incredible. I mean, the amount of effort she put into her teaching, and her attention to detail, were just amazing. And not only that, but she also showed a genuine care for all of us, which left a really deep impression on me. So yeah, out of all my teachers, I’d say she was probably my favorite.
  2. What kinds of teachers do you like?
    I guess…. um…first of all, teachers who are passionate about their subject, because you know, if they show enthusiasm for what they’re teaching, I’m much more likely to get interested in that subject and do well in it. And as well as this, I also like teachers that are supportive and…what’s the word….approachable. So in other words, teachers that show patience and understanding, and are there for you if you need help.
  3. What are the qualities of a good teacher?
    Um…. I guess the best way to answer this would be to think of some of the good teachers I’ve had at school and university. So please hang on just a second while I have a quick think about it…..! Ok, well the good teachers I’ve had have shown a genuine care for their students. You know, they genuinely want their students to learn and develop. It’s not just simply a job to them. So yeah I think that’s the most important thing – taking their job seriously and really caring about their students’ development.
  4. Do you think teachers should be angry at students or not?
    No, I think as a general rule, teachers shouldn’t get angry at students. You know, it never ends well when teachers get angry, at least in my experience! So in my view, I think teachers should always control their temper, whatever the situation, and instead use other means to get their point across. I mean, I’m sure you’ve experienced it before, that when a teacher gets angry, the whole atmosphere in the class changes, to one of fear, which is definitely not conducive to learning.
  5. Do you like strict teachers?
    Yeah I do. I have no problem with them at all, as long as they’re fair! Because I think, on the whole, they tend to set high standards, and so consequently, that makes us work harder and learn more. And the other good thing about strict teachers is that they keep students in line, which means that the class won’t be interrupted by slackers who just want to joke around and be a nuisance.
  6. What’s the difference between young and old teachers?
    There’s probably not all that much difference actually, but I guess the main one would be the level of experience. You know, I think it’s fair to say that old teachers tend to have more experience than young ones, and so they’ll be more skilled at adapting to any kind of situation that might arise in class, whereas young teachers might struggle.So that’s one difference, and I suppose another might be the use of technology, cos probably a lot of old teachers might stick to the traditional teaching methods they’re familiar with, whereas young teachers, I think, are more likely to bring technology into their teaching, such as using iPads and laptops in class. So yeah, I’d say these are probably the main differences.