1. Do you text someone if he doesn’t answer your phone?
    Well, it completely depends on the scenario and the rapport you share with the concerned person. If the one you are calling is not answering, they might be busy somewhere or stuck in something, you can always follow your unanswered call with a message stating let me know whenever you are free, or call me back whenever you are free.
  2. Is there any chance when texting someone is better than calling him?
    I believe when the person answering the phone is having a conference or in a cinema, it’s better to text him instead of having a telephone call. Plus, if the person needs to have a conversation with someone but find his day jam-packed for a phone call, texting is the way to go.
  3. Have you ever had difficulty replying?
    Yes, I remember when I have to refuse some requests of friends; I have to think carefully about how to reply for a long time.
  4. How often do you send text message?
    I almost send text messages on a daily basis. I always text my friends and family to greet, chat and make a travelling plan.