IELTS Speaking Part 1 TV DRAMAS


  1. Are drama series popular in Vietnam? Why?
    Yes, they are quite popular, especially among housewives. I think people like drama series because of their diverse themes, entertaining storylines and because they are an escape from the stress and pressure of daily life for the audiences.
  2. What is the difference between the favorite TV dramas of young people and old people? Why?
    I think young people are more interested in action and adventure, which seems to match with their age. On the other hand, old people would rather watch slow dramas, especially those which deal with family themes. The difference is due to the age gap.
  3. Do you think TV dramas reflect what happens in the real world?
    Only partly. The themes of TV dramas are quite similar to reality, in so far as they often deal with contemporary social issues, such as divorce, domestic violence or family conflicts.
  4. Do you think people change their tastes in TV drama when they get older?
    Yes, to some extent. As you get more mature, you will be more into slow, meaningful dramas. However, whether we change our preference or not is largely dependent on our own interests.
  5. What is the difference between Vietnamese and foreign TV dramas?
    Well, Vietnamese drama series often exploit family themes. Meanwhile, foreign dramas consist of broader topics, which include crime, law and medicine, catering for a wider demand from viewers.
  6. What is the influence of foreign shows on Vietnamese viewers?
    I think they give Vietnamese people a chance to know more about foreign cultures, lifestyles and codes of conduct. Youngsters are more aware of the diversity of cultures in the world, thanks to the influence of imported shows.
  7. Some people say that soap operas don’t reflect real life, what do you think? Why? Well, I think this might be true. The plots in soap operas are quite light, which contrasts with the harsh reality of everyday life. As a matter of fact, life is becoming increasingly demanding, while soap operas rarely take people out of their comfort zone.
  8. Do you think soap operas have a bad influence on children?
    Well, I think it depends on how seriously children take soap operas. They must have some influence, because they are shown on prime time television. However, parents should teach children how to distinguish between the fantasy world of TV dramas and the real world.
  9. Do you like watching TV programs?
    Definitely music channels such as MTV or V-channel. These channels offer a wide variety of music every day. In addition, they also interact with their audience by allowing them to vote for the Top 20 songs of each week or to play the songs they requested.
  10. What type of TV program do you like most?
    Being an architect, I used to not only read books but also watch TV documentaries in order to pick up information related to my field. My favorite TV series is “Live or Die” which has been aired since 2012 and helps me broaden my horizon in architecture. But , recently, because I found that the Internet is full of better material, I’ve been streaming videos, which is a much more efficient way to enhance my knowledge.
  11. Do you prefer to watch TV alone or with your friends?
    I’d rather watch films with my friends. We always have a good time together, and afterwards we talk about the mover, whether we enjoyed it or not.