IELTS Speaking Part 1 WALKING


  1. Do you usually walk to school/work?
    Yes, I do prefer having long walks with my friends and even sometimes alone, when I need to clear my thoughts. I think walking in so many sense help you to bond with the other person.
    Because, it is that time when we are slow and really talking to the other person. There is no rush, no deadline to meet, nothing on mind apart from what is coming out from heart. And, then times when I walk alone, it does help me get clarity on life.
  2. Do you like to take a walk?
    Sure, I like to walk. I normally walk around the park near my house to get some exercise. It’s also a good way for me to relax and clear my head. I normally go for a walk in the early morning or the evening when the weather is cooler.
  3. Do you like to walk on your own or with others?
    Option 1: I prefer to walk by myself. Like I said before, I think walking is a good way to clear my mind and think about any problems I have or decisions I have to make. Also, I like to walk fast so I don’t want to have to slow down for someone else.”
    Option 2: It depends. So, if I am really messed up with my life and want some clarity, I prefer walking alone. But, in times when I am tired and feel emaciated, I prefer going out on a walk with my friends. It helps me to relax a bit and then carry on with life. So, for me both go fine, my mental state is what makes the difference.
  4. Would you say that your city is a good place for walking?
    Definitely not. It’s much too crowded. The sidewalks are taken up with motorbikes and other stuff so there’s nowhere really to walk. Also there is heavy air pollution so being outside for a long period of time is not good for your health.
    Do people in your country walk a lot?
    Not really. At least not in cities. Like I just said, cities are too crowded to make walking a good option. People normally get around by motorbike, car, bike, or public transport. Not to mention in the summer it’s too hot to walk long distances.
  5. Do you think walking is important?
    Option 1: Yes, I think it’s extremely important. Nowadays most of us live a very sedentary lifestyle which means we don’t get enough exercise and are often overweight. Walking is a simple way to stay healthy and avoid a lot of modern health problems.
    Option 2: Definitely yes. Walking is surely an important part of our lives because it helps us in so many ways. You not only get positive results in terms of physical health but it helps improve your mental health, hence giving you the entire advantage.
  6. Do you think walking in the countryside is better than walking in the city?
    Option 1: I think the country is a much better place to walk because rural areas avoid all of the problems that urban ones have. The air is fresher, there is more space, and you don’t have to worry about being hit by a bus or motorbike.
    Option 2: Surely yes. On the countryside, you are more likely to find greenery, free roads, more parks, but with cities, there are certain issues. Like, most of them have got big building so while walking there is not much that you can capture about nature. Also, with cities, there are issues like pollution, which do affect us in many ways.