IELTS Speaking Part 1 WATCHES


  1. How often do you wear a watch?
    Since childhood I have had affection for watches, so I wear my watch all the time. In fact
    I’d feel naked without my watch. But I usually reserve nicer watches or the ones with sentimental value for special occasions or when I wear luxurious clothes.
  2. What was your first watch like?
    I developed my affection for watches with a little cute Mickey Mouse dial shaped watch. And I guess everyone around my age used to own one like that as it was quite in at the time.
  3. Did your parents allow you to wear a watch when you were a child?
    Yes, I used to have one of those sports watches with a lot of functions on it. It was black and I used to wear it all the time. But then it got damaged and I never bothered to replace it.
  4. What kind of watches do you like to wear?
    I’m a big fan of dress watches with a leather strap. It completes me. It gives a classic look and complements my outfit irrespective of the occasion.
  5. Do people still wear watches in your country?
    There are lots of watches being manufactured or imported and sold in my country since there are tons of people who love wearing them. Some would love wearing them for their utility while others would prefer to wear them as an accessory.
  6. Did you receive any watch as a gift when you were a child?
    Yes, the one I mentioned above, the Mickey Mouse dial shaped watch. My father recognized my enthusiasm for watches and he gave it to me as a birthday gift when I was about 7 remember jumping around because of the excitement.
  7. Why do you think some people buy expensive watches?
    There are a lot of possible reasons, it depends on the individual, but many older people still see a watch as jewelry, rather than just something functional that tells the time, so they like to have a nice watch. Others might like to wear an expensive watch just because they like the brand, just like shoes, a hat, or purse or something like that.
  8. Do you think the watch you wear says something about your personality?
    I think if you want it to, it can, but not always. There are some really rich and famous people who don’t wear a watch or just wear a regular watch, and there are other people who wear any old watch whether it seems to suit their personality or not.
  9. Did you wear a watch when you were a child?
    I don’t clearly remember wearing a watch while growing up on daily basis. However, whenever those fancy watches used to come around, I have always tried them. Sadly they did not work out for a long time, but it was always fun to have them. But, as I reached by Intermediate College I did start wearing watches on a regular basis.
  10. Have you received watch as a gift?
    Yes, so far I have received two watches as gifts in my two last birthdays. One of which is an Omega Seamaster Cosmic from my parents when I graduated from high school. It is kind of a vintage wrist watched which became a very handy fashion item for me over high school time.
  11. In which way can a watch be useful?
    Well, in my opinion, when we want to know the current time, a quick glance towards our wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a meeting. Not to mention how rude it would seem to our companions if we pulled out our phone during a conversation.
  12. Who do some people love to wear expensive watch?
    As you know, watches are also considered a kind of jewelry, especially for men. It is a statement piece for the modern man, sitting on the thin of his wrist, representing style and status and having expensive one ad on to it.