1. Is that a very popular subject to study in your country?
    Option 2: Yeah, I suppose it is quite a popular subject to study, and one of the reasons for this would probably be that a lot of students feel that this major will be useful in helping them find a good job after they graduate.
    Option 1: I guess I probably wouldn’t say so, no, mainly because it’s a relatively new major in Vietnam, and as far as I know, there are not that many universities in Vietnam which offer this course.
  2. Is your subject very challenging (or difficult) to study?
    Option 1: Yeah, I’d say it is quite challenging, mainly because of the huge workload we get. So for example, we’re given a considerable amount of coursework to do, which always requires a ton of background reading!
    Option 2: Actually, I wouldn’t really say so, partly because we’re not given that much work to do, and also because it’s essentially not that complex (a subject), so everything’s relatively easy to understand.
  3. What do you do when you have a difficulty with your studies?
    I guess I normally either ask a course mate for help or go on the internet to try and solve the problem myself. And if I’m still stuck, then I’ll go and ask my lecturer for help, but this would be as a last resort, as I don’t really like to bother my lecturers unless I really need to.
  4. How did you learn science at school?
    Well, we mainly just went through the textbook and took notes, so it was pretty similar to other subjects. Though saying that, we occasionally did some experiments, which were quite fun, but unfortunately those classes were pretty few and far between.
  5. Why did you choose …as your major?
    Basically it was due to the fact that my parents thought it was a useful major which would stand me in good stead after I graduate. Personally I’m not so sure, but seeing as I couldn’t think of anything better, I went with my parents’ decision.
  6. What do you like about your major?
    That’s a good question, and I guess basically the thing I find most enjoyable about my major is analyzing case studies of various international companies operating in Vietnam, because for me, stories are the best way to learn things. And as well as this, I also like the fact that our lectures are quite interactive, because we are encouraged to ask questions instead of just sitting and making notes, and this tends to make the lectures much more interesting.
  7. What’s more important when studying the student or teacher?
    Well it’s really hard to say, because obviously both play an important role, but I guess I’d say the student is probably more important because generally speaking, most studying is done out of the classroom at least that’s the way I see it!

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