IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #1 Describe a surprise party you would like to arrange for your friends or family

Describe a surprise party you would like to arrange for your friends or family. You should say:
Who you would invite to the party
When and where you would hold the party What you (or, your guests) would do at the party
And explain why you would hold (= have) this party or
And explain what preparations you would do for this party.

Sample answer:

It is not always easy to organize a surprise party and I did organize such 3-4 surprise parties for my family members and friends. The surprise party I would like to do is for one of my friends on his birthday. He is going to turn to 26 next February and I’d through a completely surprise party for him at his home.

There is a good chance that his family members would organize a birthday celebration on the day, so my planning would be to through it at 12:01 am at night. I would keep everything secret from him and would let only 2-3 friends know about the planning of the party who would also participate in organizing it. We would buy a big birthday cake and birthday candles in the evening and 6-7 friends would gather together. We will buy our individual gifts for him and would go to him home exactly at 12:00 am. We will then notify his mother and would let her know that we are planning a surprise party for him. At exactly 12:01 am we’ll enter his house and probably there would be a lot of shouting and birthday wishing. That would be a big surprise to my friend as he would have no clue about our arrival at his home on his birthday.

He is a very good friend of mine and I remember him to be very supportive to me in several times. A birthday is a very special day for a person and people become very happy when he finds that people who care him also celebrates and congratulates him on special occasions like a birthday or a wedding ceremony. I would organize the surprise party to make him happy and to enjoy the occasion.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Why are parties important?
    People have parties to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, or the beginning of a new year. I think it’s important to celebrate these things because they are landmarks in our lives. Parties are a good way to bring people together, and they’re an opportunity to let off some steam.
  2. Why do people throw family parties in your country?
    In the States, people throw family parties for all the same reasons people do in other countries, like traditional holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, I’m not sure if other cultures do this like we do, but, in general, people here love to have parties! In my family, for instance, my mom will seriously use any excuse to invite family and friends over for a little soiree. This is more feasible in the summer, when my dad can barbecue hot dogs and burgers and we can hang out outside. So, yeah, I suppose we have family parties quite a bit.
  3. Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?
    Well, that depends on if they have money or not! I don’t think it’s a status thing, as I believe this question is insinuating. I guess there are some families in the so-called “one percent” of society that will lavish great bundles of cash on family get-togethers, but I’ve only seen events like that on TV! I think real people, at least those in my circles, like to actually do potlucks, where family and friends all bring a dish and something to drink. It’s a communal effort. To my mind, that’s more fun anyway.
  4. What are the differences between serious parties and friendly parties?
    I think that there are many differences between these two kinds of party. In the former, the attire is often more elegant with guests wearing costumes and ties, while in the latter this doesn’t always happen and they wear more casual clothes, such as jeans, t-shirts and so on. In addition, serious parties are often more of professional type, whilst with friendly parties, this isn’t always the case. Moreover, it could be argued that serious parties are mostly held in restaurants or bars and most of the time are expensive, while friendly parties in houses or cafeterias and are cost-saving.
  5. Why are some people late for parties intentionally?
    This is a really interesting question and to be honest I have never thought about it. I can’t find a logical explanation why someone will do something like that and I would describe it as a really immature and unscrupulous action. But, unfortunately, there are many who belong to this category and some of them are friends of mine as well. A reason that comes to my mind is that someone doesn’t want to go to a party but they are forced to do so. Indeed, there are many occasions and especially related to workplace or parties thrown by relatives where people are sometimes forced to be present. In this case, the only solution is going many hours after the commencement of the party. This is the only reason I can think of and partly justify this action.
  6. Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?
    No, I don’t think anything will change. People have always had parties, and I’m sure they always will in the future. Humans need to socialize and enjoy themselves, and parties are one of the best ways to do that.
  7. Why do some people like parties while others hate them?
    Most people like parties because they have a good time at them – eating a nice meal, chatting to friends, or having a dance. People who don’t like them might find social situations difficult because they are shy, or maybe they don’t enjoy having to make small talk with people they don’t know.
  8. What would you do if your guests felt bored?
    he first thing I would do if my guests are bored in a party that I have hosted is to turn on the music or change my playlist. There are some people who don’t like the conventional types of music and prefer something else. If music couldn’t help, I would play a game to attract their interest or tell some stories from our different experiences and stages of life, which would definitely lead to lots of laughter and joy. I would finally arrange some indoor games and would declare some prizes for the winners to warm up the guests.
  9. In some places people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family event. Is this ever true in your country? Do you think this is a good trend or a bad trend?
    Like the other countries, the rich and wealthy families in my country organize family parties and they spend a huge sum of money for the parties. Mostly they prefer arranging party during the marriage ceremony or marriage anniversary, but the parties marking marriage ceremony last longer than the marriage anniversary party. When the parties are arranged, special decorative materials are used to decorate the house and almost all the rooms are newly decorated. Besides, catering services are engaged to supply quality foods for the invited guests.Sometimes I think it is the wastage of money and wealth. They could have saved the money for the future use of the newly-wed.
  10. Will there be more and more people to attend parties?
    Yes I think so. I truly believe that the number of party lovers will increase in the future. The opportunities to gather together with friends and relatives are shrinking in modern days and people would not want to miss parties where they can meet people, relatives and enjoy their time. Parties would be a way of relaxing and taking breaks for many busy employees and the increasing number of party attendees these days gives hints that in the future it will further increase.