IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #19 Describe a bicycle tour

Describe a bicycle tour.
You should say:
When you had this trip Who went on with you
What you did during this trip And explain why you liked it.

Sample answer:

I would like to describe a really exciting tour that I went on last Saturday, a bicycle trip around Hoan Kiem Lake (or Sword Lake), one of the major scenic spots of Hanoi, the capital city. I had three travelling companions, three close friends of mine and we agreed on driving our bicycle to Ly Thai To Statue, our point of departure before 5 am. Actually, I’m a morning bird, so I found it quite easy to get up early. Luckily, the weather was really nice that day. The fresh air and tranquility in the morning made me feel relaxed and energetic. We biked five rounds around the lake, until 7pm, when the sun began to rise and the streets became crowded. After that, we gathered at our favorite cafe to sip cups of strong coffee and chitchatted.

I really enjoyed that bike trip because of several reasons. Firstly, it was a great chance for me to see our city from a very different angle, a peaceful Hanoi without traffic jam and polluted air. I was able to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life for a while and refreshed myself to be prepared for a new week. Moreover, I think that cycling is also a great exercise that helps me strengthen my health, build up my stamina and improve the immune system. Last but not least, I think this trip was a great opportunity for me and my friends to gather together and share with each other all stuffs in our daily life. You know, we are often too busy to meet regularly, so chances like this are really valuable.

Follow-up questions:

Refer to question 7