IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #20 Describe an organization or company where you live and they employ a lot of people

Describe an organization or company where you live and they employ a lot of people. You should say:
What it is
How many employees work there? What its work is
And explain what you think about it.

Sample answer:

And explain what you think about it.
Now I’m living in Hanoi, the capital city so there are many large companies to choose. But I guess I’d like to describe a company of which I’ve been a loyal customer, a food-beverage company with a large number of employees. It is BamiKing Joint Stock Company.

As far as I know, this firm has over 40 food stores all over the country, half of which are located in Hanoi. Each store has approximately ten to fifteen employees, including managers, accountants, salespeople, processors, and shippers so the total number of staff could be more than 500 people. BamiKing originally served “banh my”, which is considered the world’s best sandwich, with diverse fresh ingredients including roast chicken or pork, homemade pâté, cured ham, headcheese and some veggies like carrot and cucumber. Now this company has expanded its menu to a wider variety of side-dishes, drinks and desserts such as fries, fruit juices and even ice-cream.

Personally, I usually eat my “banh my” with sausage and pate with Maggi sauce and mayonnaise. They have a secret recipe of making the bread crispy outside but moist and tender inside. All ingredients are fresh and combined perfectly with each other. Besides, as a full-time office worker, I don’t really have much time for cooking, so this kind of quick- service restaurant is an ideal choice for me to fill my stomach during lunch breaks. It allows me some free time to relax and recharge my batteries, or even take a short nap before getting back to work.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What are the differences between being a boss and working for others? = Why do some people open their own business?
    They are worlds apart, I personally feel so. What sets working for others apart is that, you don’t have to suffer from a lot of pressure, but the motivation is not so strong. As many people contribute their effort to the wellbeing of the whole company, you usually receive help when facing some trouble with the work, but as I have said, many would leave their work at some point because they gradually become less interested in what they are doing. On the other hand, if you are a boss, you should have comprehensive abilities. To put it simply, you have to possess leadership, organizational skills and are responsible for the success or failure of your own business.
  2. Which is harder, working as a boss or an employee?
    It can be pretty clear that the higher your position is, the more responsibility you have to undertake, Bearing this in mind, being a boss is going to be more demanding as a boss has to take care of all aspects of the company. He must know who to employ and how to make a good use of the resources as well as thinking ways to expand the business. My parent is a manager in a large corporation and often complains about the backbreaking workload which keeps him at work and can never leave work before 8 p.m. in the evening.
  3. What are the benefits of working for others?
    When you are employed by others, you don’t have to worry about the whole running of the market. If the company is in a bad condition, you may choose to leave. On top of that, you will have more time to pursue other leisure pursuits like going to the cinema every weekend to watch a blockbuster or having casual chitchat with your friends sometimes. This I reckon is a wild dream if you are a manager in a multinational company.
  4. What are important abilities for those working in a company?
    You should be clear about the details of your responsibility. To put it in other words, workers are supposed to carry out their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently, without lazing around or thinking that laziness won’t affect the success of the whole company. After all, they are paid for their work and contribution. I wouldn’t forget to mention that team spirit is essential as well, and your efficiency can be improved when you cooperate with others, rather than individually sail through the difficult times.
  5. What kind of small business is popular in this city?
    In my city, people prefer to open beauty salons or small coffee shops. I can put it down to the fact that most girls or women would try their best to look gorgeous in others’ eyes, and spending money to beautify themselves is considered as a must for them. Or in a similar situation, the youths tend to hang out with their buddies for some casual/idle chitchat, which means many cafes are doing well recently. Ah, not less popular are some small restaurants that can only accommodate no more than ten people. It can be understandable that many would call on these places for a snack or drink when they have time or feel hungry.
  6. What are the things that you learned from a university and from your working experience?
    In my personal situation, I learn the basic knowledge from my university, and from my work, I learn how to apply theory into practice. The importance of university study can never be denied as it equips you well with the working or operation of certain things, so it’s much easier and faster to make something work. Whereas, experience is the best teacher for the fundamental reason that when you actually involve yourself in something, you can learn anything without much prior knowledge. As well as this, I learn to find problems and then try to solve them with the knowledge obtained from tertiary education.
  7. Which is important if you want to run your own business? = What challenges and difficulties do people face when they try to have a successful small business?
    It requires people to have perseverance as well as response to challenges, and I guess careful planning is more essential. To be more specific, you need to calculate how much capital needed for investment, how many employees to hire, or whether the business can last long once it is in operation. Another factor worth mentioning is luck. From my experience, I have seen some entrepreneurs succeed only because they launched their business in the right place and at the right time.
  8. What changes in employment have there been in recent years in your country? There has been a rejuvenation of the “entrepreneurial spirit” in our country; more and more people are involved in starting their own businesses. The “start-up” community is now more alive than ever, even college students launch their start-up businesses while in a university. Even though there is a high failing rate of start-up businesses; still, people are starting to take risk and put their ideas into creation
  9. Is it easy to set up a company in Vietnam?
    It’s not very easy. A person has to have enough capital to set up a business. This is the most important stuff to take into account as you need enough money to make sure that your business is gonna survive despite some initial difficulties. It can break even, make a loss or a profit. Ah, I guess that you need to have some knowledge of the field you’re going to invest in so that you can manage it more effectively and efficiently.