IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #25 Describe an invention that changed the people’s life

Describe an invention that changed the people’s life. You should say:
What it was Who invented it
When it was invented
And explain how it changed people’s life

Sample answer:

I would like to talk about telephone which, in my opinion, is one of the most revolutionary creations that have greatly changed our life. As far as I know, Graham Bell was the father of this terrific device and he invented it in the last century after countless numbers of trials and errors.

It is no exaggeration to say that human’s life has been totally changed since the first telephones were devised. Few centuries ago, it took us ages to deliver letters. In case of emergency or confidential cases, people could hardly contact with each other because no such instantly communicative means as telephones were available back then. You know, communication enhancement is widely believed to act as the central core of the social development. As the most obvious example, telephones made it much easier for people to express their urgent messages to distant recipients. Moreover, when we want to find someone without any ideas where he is, we just need to call him via telephones and problems may be solved in no time. So, that’s why the advent of telephones has considerably improved our society by the way we contact with our family, acquaintances or even strangers.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What do you think is the most important equipment in schools?
    At school, one of the most essential equipment is computer. As we know, computer is already a part of modern teaching; teachers can use PowerPoint or Microsoft Word to present their lectures in class. By doing so, the lecture can be more fascinating and fun than just simply talking in front of the students. What is more, computer is used by students to make their research and do their paper works. Take me as an example, I use Microsoft Office to deal with my homework as I can just copy paste some information on the internet such as pictures or some important details I need to complete my assignment. As a matter of fact, most schools has their own computer facility usually located in the library where students can use it for free.
  2. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?
    I can say that there are plenty of useful technologies out there but I guess that electricity is the most valuable invention. This is because of the fact that we can do everything with electricity.
  3. An example for that is, running our household chores such as doing the laundry and cooking. Another point here is that, without electricity life will be gloomy. Obviously speaking, electricity makes everything work, without electricity most of our devices such as printers, computers, TV and radio won’t function.
  4. How often do you wear jewelry?
    There is no doubt that indeed it made people sluggish. As far as I am concern, due to the rapid development of technology people’s life has become more convenient, as a result, people get used of this convenience which make people more inactive. As we know, technology has brought comfort and made our lives easier where people become dependent to different devices and equipment. I am guilty of this statement, as I am too much attached with my mobile phone. I can sit all day playing mobile games, scrolling through Facebook or playing videos on YouTube. It’s embarrassing to admit that this made my life sedentary.
  5. How can technology make our life easier?
    Thank you for allowing me to answer this. Technology is a blessing for all and has made life easier. With the use of the technology, you can do the unimaginable things now. Earlier, people had to control their television set like increasing or decreasing the volume or changing channels manually. But in the current days, you do not need to get up to the television set raise the volume or change the channel and get back to the sofa again. It is the time to change channels or increase/ decrease the volumes with the help of a remote controller. Moreover, people now can travel easily than the past and travelling hours has been reduced to a great extent.
  6. Can internet education replace teachers?
    Though contemporary modern technology has a significant influence on our life, I personally believe that the essence role cannot be simply replaced or subtract in favor of computerized lifestyle. This is certainly true in dealing with children who need sensitive approaches to fortify their perceptions and skills. Therefore, human instructors could not be replaced fruitfully with advanced apparatus. However, we should utilize this equipment in order to reinforce the teacher’s contribution in the educational progression.
  7. Why should we restrict the use of mobile phone in public places?
    Though there are no exact reasons to restrict the use of mobile phones in public places, it should be accomplished for some reasons. Undoubtedly mobile phones help us to communicate with the world and have numerous blessings, but there are some demerits as well. For instance, you are in a public library and it is expected that silence should be maintained. But if a mobile phone cries out loud, it is really annoying for the others who are busy with reading. The noise created by the phone and discussion over the phone inside such places is really un-welcomed. In such situations, the use of mobile phones is always unwanted. So, the use of mobile phone should be restricted in public places.
  8. How easy is it for an adult to think of a new idea?
    I would say, too an extent it is difficult. Because an average adult, often gets laid back, learning becomes too tiring and there are so many other things going on that thinking of learning and putting in ideas seems quite difficult. But, if someone is constantly learning and working on improving, I would say it is not a big deal to get an idea and start working on it.
  9. How can children be taught to become innovative?
    Children must be taught to question to make them innovative. Often, we are not able to answer the WHYs of a child and by force ask them to ask better questions. This leads in them not answering any questions at all. So, instead of stopping them asking silly questions, we should answer these questions and make sure they ask more of them.
  10. What role should the government play in encouraging innovation?
    Government has a very important role in making sure that an innovation takes place. Firstly, they should make some laws favoring it. So, may be the strict laws and implementations could be eased out to make it easier for innovators to do things. Even more, sometimes funding is required in bringing a revolution, I think in those cases government can and should help.
  11. Most innovations have patents. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of patents?
    Looking at the positive side, patents allow the inventor right to stop the manufacturing, copying and selling the product of without his/her content. It also gives the inventor the commercial benefits. So, an inventor can then earn all the money from the product. Even more it provides other benefits, like recognition and hence provide opportunity for bigger discoveries. However, on the negative side, a patent is only for 20 years, after which other individual or companies can use the product freely. Even more, it is a very lengthy and time consuming process.
  12. Other possible questions:
    Mention 2 famous scientists in your country?
    Why should we invest more in research?
    What is the single most important invention in your opinion?