IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #27 Describe an occasion where everybody smiled

Describe an occasion where everybody smiled You should say:
What happened? When it happened? Who were there?
And explain why everyone smiled:

Sample answer:

Today I would like to talk about a very enjoyable occasion when my parents and I were watching a funny movie, and then we were so happy that all of us smiled hilariously. It was the last Tet holiday when my parents didn’t have to go to work and I didn’t have any homework to do either. We felt that we were really enjoying my life when spending our leisure time together regardless of the hustle and bustle of our ordinary days. My parents and I chose a funny television movie named “Scary Movie the series”.

Though it got that name, this movie turned out to be a comedy one, which deliberately made well-known horror films become awkwardly funny. We all loved the way the film made itself become interestingly ridiculous then we laughed so hard during the film. My mom smiled when the protagonist made fun of the scary ghost when it was trying to scare him and my dad burst out laughing when he saw those old characters in the movie illogically grew stronger when they beat the antagonists who, in fact, were not as horrible as they looked at all. Though the film was totally amusing, what made me happiest was that I could feel happiness and coziness everywhere in the air. It was really hard for us to gather as in such a night and this was a very good chance for us to escape from our hard working or studying days.

So, I really appreciate every moment when we can spend our time for each other and I believe every member of my family also love it as well as try to be together whenever we can.

Follow-up questions:

Refer to question 61

Other possible questions:
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Who smile more frequently, men or women?
Why children love to smile?
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