IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #3 Describe a present (a gift) you received when you were a child

Describe a present (a gift) you received when you were a child You should say:
What the present was Who gave it to you?
How you used this present
And explain how you felt when you got this present.

Sample Answer:

When I was a child, I was given a block set on the eve of Christmas as a gift. One of my maternal uncles gave that block set to me because I liked to play with the blocks more in my childhood. I was truly surprised when my maternal uncle came to our home to give me the wonderful gift, although, in the beginning, I did not realize that he was at our home for presenting me the wonderful block set.

A medium plastic container wrapped in papers was given to me on the Christmas day and when I opened the container, I found the blocks. I was highly surprised and happy too for the excellent gift from my uncle. The blocks were made of top-class plastic and there were no sharp edges. They were of different sizes and some of the block pieces were attached with wheels. The block shapes were not same. I used to make different structures with the block set. I preferred robots, airplanes, cars, houses and more other stuff using the block set.

The block set was important to me for several reasons. Firstly the blocks looked nice and were handy to use. Secondly, I have learnt many facts of my real life using the blocks. They have taught me patience and perseverance – when I used to fail in making any desired or imagined structure, I waited, took a pause from the making, used to think deeply over the structure and finally made that.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Why do people give gifts in our society?
    I think people give gifts for many reasons. One of the main ones is to celebrate a significant event, such as a anniversary or maybe a graduation. People also like to give gifts to show their appreciation to someone. I mean if someone has done a good job or helped someone in some way then they might be given a gift as a “thank you”.
  2. What are some common gifts people usually receive in your country?
    In my country, people most usually choose to give each other money as a gift because of its practicality. It is not always easy to guess what people want so sometimes you may spend lots of money on something that is not going to be used at all. In order to avoid this from happening, Vietnamese prefer giving each other money so that the receivers can get themselves whatever they want.
  3. What kind of educational gifts can be given to children?
    Hmmm, I’m not sure about that. Um, I think books are a good gift for children because they are a great way to learn about the world [How?] Books can be about anything. Also, because many children now have a smartphone or internet-connected device, maybe some kind of educational apps would make a good gift.
    Why do some people like to give hand-made gifts instead of purchasing them in a store?
    I think it’s because something made by hand is more personal than something bought in a store It shows that the person giving the gift cares about the person and is happy to put in some effort to make something nice for another person. It’s the thought that counts!
  4. On what occasions do people in your country give gifts?
    There are many occasions on which people in my country give presents such as Birthday, Women’s day or Valentines. As a matter of fact, exchanging gifts is not our traditional practice. However, for the last few decades, this has become extremely popular, especially among young generations. On special occasions, people give gifts as a way to express affection to or show gratitude for family members and friends.
  5. What kinds of gifts would men; women and children generally like to receive? We all are unique individuals and have our own set of unique tastes. However, generally women prefer ornaments or clothes while receiving gifts. Some of them even like household
    appliances and handicrafts. Men, on the other hand, usually like electronic gadgets like phones or watches. There are even who prefer expensive pens or books etc. children are mostly attracted to toys and video games. They even love chocolates and other eatables.
  6. What changes have been seen in past in receiving and giving gifts?
    There have been some major changes in our lifestyle since the past 50 years. With the rise of economy, people have more money and more reasons to celebrate. In earlier times, gifts were exchanged only in special occasions like marriages. However, in present times, gifts have become a part of our lives and a very frequent affair. People can be seen exchanging gifts in occasions like birthdays, anniversary, success in exams etc.