IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #35 Describe a second language you would like to learn

Describe a second language you would like to learn You should say:
What language you would like to learn When you want to learn it
Is it difficult to learn?
Why you would like to learn it

Sample answer:

I am planning to move to the UK in the next year after completing my Bachelors as a computer engineer and hope to take the post-graduation degree there. As far as I know that the British people are perfectionists and they do not prefer students who have some other tones except their native. It becomes difficult for the foreign students to compete among the natives unless at least the speaking tones are similar to them. So, I want to learn the language, particularly the spoken part. Gradually, I will follow the British writing style and will start using their native words in my writings so that I could have a native writing style too.Learning the language will help me to reach the goals.

I am quite fine in English but lack the ability to speak a standard form of English in formal situations. French-tones block my natural flow when I start speaking English. I have tried several times, alone, to change my French tone during the English conversations but failed each of the moments. Being a French national, I am highly dominated with the local French tone that makes me feel bad when I speak English. Besides, the pronunciations also become weird to listen by the others. A professional English language course will help me rid of the local tones. Besides, I have to practice a lot too to bring the natural tone as the English people use. Hope I will be able to learn the language for my betterment. That’s all I think.

Follow-up questions:

Refer to question 15