IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #36 Describe an important/happy stage in your life

Describe an important/happy stage in your life
You should say:
How old you were at that time
Where you were at that time
What you did at that time
Why do you think it is important to you

Sample answer:

Thank you very much for this nice cue card topic. The best part of my life is undoubtedly the childhood I have had. In fact, childhood is favorite to everyone and my childhood was extraordinary, magical and full of excitements.

I spent my childhood in a suburban area which is (…say the name of the place where you spent your childhood…). This was a very beautiful place and I was lucky that I was born in this wonderful town. My parents always loved me and they had been my best companion in my childhood. Once in a year, they took me out of the country to enjoy our summer holidays. I was the center of their universe and my childhood became so gorgeous due to them.

Why my childhood is the most enjoyable stage in my life? – Well, I guess this was the time my inquisitive mind enjoyed everything new I saw or heard about. Reading, going to the school, playing, going out with my parents, learning new things, travelling and so man activities I had in my childhood make it extraordinary. There was no tension, responsibility and I had been surrounded by my parents love. I could ask for anything and my parents were ready to fulfil my wishes. I was in a dream world where no pain or sorrow was usually allowed to enter. My parents were my protector and I was their prince! The family bonding was strong, people cared more about others, they had more time to socialize and life was not that much mechanical that we see these days. The love, surprises, innocence, inquisitive minds, unquenchable thrusts to learning, beautiful surroundings, and worry less life made my childhood even more enjoyable. It was magical and full of wonder.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What do you think is the best age in a person’s life?
    Personally, I don’t think there is just one best age, each stage of life has something special about it. I suppose that maybe life seems more exciting when you’re younger, but then as you go through life you begin to understand that it’s quite a long journey and many things can happen. Age isn’t really a barrier or limitation unless you allow it to be, and there are many great things in life you can enjoy even when you’re much older.
  2. What are some things that make you happy?
    Let me have a little think…um… well, first of all, what always makes me happy is seeing my friends and family happy, which I suppose is probably the same for everyone. And as well as that, I’d say just doing the things I enjoy always puts me in a happy mood, you know, like playing the piano, and going to KTV with my friends.
  3. Do you think people who have more talent are happier than others?
    No I wouldn’t say they are. I mean, there are countless examples of famous singers and actors who were extremely talented, but for some reason turned to things like drugs or alcohol in order to escape the depression they felt. And on the other end of the scale, there are people with seemingly very little talent, but who are very happy and content with their life. So for me I’d say happiness bears no relation at all to the amount of talent a person has.
  4. Do you think money makes people happy?
    Yeah, I suppose it does. You know, I think it’s fair to say that money makes us all feel happy to some degree, because you can do so much with it, like buy new clothes or go on holiday or whatever. But saying that, I’d say it’s only a kind of short-term happiness that we get from money, because the feeling soon fades, as I’m sure you’ll agree! So I think if we want to enjoy long-term happiness, then it’s really other things that bring about it, like appreciating what we already have in life.
  5. Are the things that make people happy today the same as several decades ago?
    I guess the answer would have to be yes and no. Yes, because there are things like helping others which have always made people feel happy and will always continue to do so. And no, because people nowadays have generally become more materialistic, which is a reflection of the society we now live in. So a lot of happiness now comes from acquiring material goods and possessions, like houses and cars, which wasn’t so much the case several decades ago.
  6. In general, what do you think makes a happy family?
    That’s a good question, and thinking about it, I would say it’s basically just showing love, support and appreciation to one another. So in other words, I think it’s not enough for us to just love our family members, but also show it, and by doing this we will be able to create happiness within the family. For example, you know, if a child does badly in a school exam, their parents should encourage and support them, as opposed to telling them off, and if they do well or win a prize, then their parents should show how proud they are. And in this way, I think the family will definitely be a happy one!
  7. What kind of people do you think are most likely to be happy?
    I guess it’s probably people who have a positive outlook on life, because they always tend to look on the bright side of things. So for instance, if they come across problems, they’ll probably see them as challenges rather than problems.
  8. Do you think there is any relationship between a person’s age and their happiness?
    Yeah, I’d say there probably is, because for example, most young children seem to be very happy most of the time, one of the reasons being that they’re blissfully unaware of all the pressures of modern-day life. And for a lot of adults, the pressure they face can be overwhelming, which naturally has an effect on their mental well-being, and can lead to a mid- life crisis. Having said all that though, I think it’s very possible to go through one’s whole life being happy if you live it in the right way.
  9. Do young people and old(er) people find happiness from the same things? No, I’d say there’s probably a slight difference. Because I mean, older people seem to find happiness from the simple things in life, such as playing a game of chess or simply sitting
    outside their homes watching the world go by, whereas I think it’s fair to say that young people often need a bit of excitement in their lives to feel happy. So that’s one thing, and what else…um… oh yeah, I’d say being in good health is another thing that makes elderly people feel happy, whereas a lot of young people kind of just take it for granted.
  10. Do you think old people are very happy?
    Yes, I’d say on the whole they are, because I mean, the feeling I get whenever I’m with them is that they have a calm demeanor about them, which I think reflects a kind of peace of mind.
    You know, it’s as if they’ve learned to accept everything they’re faced with in the world, and as a result, I think this generally gives them a feeling of happiness.
  11. What is the attitude to older people in your country?
    It’s a lot better than it was, but then I think it’s because older people are not so ‘old’ anymore, if you know what I mean. It’s like older people now are less old – they are still active and I know some who still do things they did when they were younger. the fact that older people are ‘younger’ means that people’s attitudes have changed also and now there are a lot more things for older people, events, clubs, activities and nobody seems to treat them as if they’re useless or just a waste of time. A lot of them are really active and enjoying life and people see that and so they get a lot more respect.
  12. Other possible questions:
    Is there a stage of life which is more difficult or easier than others?
    Is there a stage of life you particularly look forward to, or look back on fondly?