IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #43 Describe a team project you took part in

Describe a team project you took part in You should say:
What was the project about?
Did it help you on a personal level?
Whom did you participate on the project with? And explain what you learned from the experience.

Sample answer:

I have worked on several projects both in my school and in my office and out of those; I would like to talk about an electronic project that I worked on in my college level. It was a physics project in our final terms and we had 3 team members. We were asked to create 2 radio devices that would be able to clearly communicate within the 300-metre range.

Our physics teacher Mr. Nephew gave us the talks and I worked on this project with two other classmates of my college. The teacher gave us 15-day time but after 10 days passed, we noticed that more than half of the task was pending and we extended the time. The work took around 22 days for us to complete and show the demo.

We had to create two radio devices that would basically similar to the devices the traffic controlling officer usages. But our device would have a shorter range and would work within 300 meters. Another objective was for us to make such two devices with a very minimal cost.

We had to work hard to make it work. I learned many things from this project like, how to work on a major project with a team, how to reduce the interferences of radio frequency, how to build quality equipment in low budget, how to fine tune a project and many other things that later became handy for my university and office projects.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do you like teamwork? (Why? /Why not?)
    Yes, I do. I think it is more interesting when various people work together in a team. You can learn a lot more because different people have different knowledge and also experience.
    Especially when the people come from different countries around the worls – it can ake it very interesting – because they think in a different way.
  2. How does teamwork help?
    Well, as I said, it can generate more creativity and sharing of ideas which may not happen otherwise. problems seem to get solved easier when they sre discussed in a team, possibly because there are various ways of approaching problem solving and sometimes having a different perspective, that of a other person, is enough to see the problem in a different way, and eventually come up with a solution.
  3. Do you think children should develop skills for teamwork?
    Yes, I think this is why many parents spend a lot of time telling their children that it is important to share things with others. Working in a team requires some skills, which you have to learn, but they can be learned early in life as a child. So i think it’s a good idea that children are taught to work in teams to solve problems. They should also be encouraged to develop their problem solving skills so that they can work on their own – but teamwork is important in adult life, so yes, they should be taught how to do it.
  4. Does having leadership skills qualify a person to be a team leader?
    Not just leadership skills – because working in a team is not really about a group of people following a leader – it is more about the individual team members working together, equally, to solve problems or create whatever it is they are working on. team work requires a lot of different skills, and just because someone has good leadership skills does not mean that they will automatically work well in a team. if they try to dominate the rest of the team members, then there will likely be problems within the team and it will become ineffective.