IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #54 Describe an important skill you learned when you were a child

Describe an important skill you learned when you were a child. You should say:
What this skill was When you learned it How you learned it
And explain why you think it was important.

Sample Answer:

I’ll talk about driving which I think is the most important skill I’ve ever learned. I guess the main reason as to why it’s so special is that it was a long life passion for me to see myself at the wheel driving at a fast speed and going where ever I fancied. What’s more, my father bought me a car when I got my driving license which is a great gift to me, both financially and sentimentally.

It is not a very difficult skill to learn but it requires some dedication, practice and concentration to learn. One can learn it in 7 days with few hours practice daily. But to become a really expert driver, someone needs to keep driving regularly for about a year in my opinion.

Someone interested to learn driving can contact to the local driving school and can get enrolled with the quick driving lessons they have. Alternatively, if someone has his/ her access to a car and can manage someone to teach him/her the driving; s/he can do it as well.

Follow-up questions:

  1. What skills can children learn in school?
    Well, I think it’s important for children to learn all the basic and traditional academic skills at school, you know, like math, language, science and so on. But it’s also important that they are encouraged to develop their ability in critical and analytical thinking. Then there are other skills, for example, creative skills and problem-solving abilities which should be nurtured while at school. Certainly at the school I attended that was the case, with a lot of emphasis on the development of creative and problem-solving skills.
  2. What do you think of the role of family for children to learn skills? With regard to skills which should be learned at home, I believe that parents do have a responsibility to teach their children to be good citizens or responsible members of their
    community, and that is usually best done through setting them a good example through their own behavior as parents.
  3. What is the most popular skill that people want to learn?
    I suppose many young people are interested in technology skills because they seem to be almost essential in most careers nowadays. A lot of my friends are interested in people- based skills as well and are interested in pursuing careers in marketing and consulting so they are interested in the psychological and social aspects of managing people among other things. Another thing which is important is that many young people tend to be choosing a broader range of career paths these days, which involve a greater blend of skills from more traditional professions.