IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #60 Describe a success in your life

Describe a success in your life You should say:
When and where this happened? Who you were with ?
What you did ?
And how you felt about the success?

Sample Answer:

The way we look at our success and the way people look at it differ. We sometimes consider our small and personal achievements are great successes while to others; those might not be counted as successes at all. Thus we judge ourselves in a different angel than people do. However, some successes are exemplary and inspiring. The success that I achieved and would like to talk about is my involvement in a social welfare activity that I greatly feel proud of.

The local authority of our hometown once planned to build a multi-storied shopping mall in a public park. Some of us suddenly noticed that they have started cutting the trees and we later learned that they will build a shopping mall there. We instantly planned to protest if though we knew that it would be complicated issues and we have little power against the powerful authority that has planned to destroy the park and make it a profitable marketplace. We were initially 5-6 persons involved in the protest and we let the community people know about the mischievous plan the authority has taken. Later 20 more people joined our group. We went to the local authority, journalists; police station met local politicians and social workers and presented our view and abhorrent plan the authority has taken. Because of our protests, the tree cutting was halted. Later we found that more community people joined us and big news has been published in the local newspapers regarding this issue.

The park was the only green place and recreation center for the local people. People came there in the morning and evening to walk, run and do other short of social activities. Children enjoyed playing there and some social programs held there. A large number of birds stay at the trees of the park and destroying this park would have been a serious threat to our environment as there were more than 300 different trees there. It was not easy to fight with the powerful authority and we had to struggle a lot for more than 6 months. We finally went to court and got the decree against destroying the park.

This whole event occurred 5 years back when I was a fresh college student. I still consider my involvement to save the part as a great thing I did and being able to save the park and nature is a big success in my life.

Follow-up questions:

Refer to question 2