IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #65 Describe an interesting conversation you had with other people

Describe an interesting conversation you had with other people You should say:
Who the person was?
Where and when you talked with the person? What you talked about with the person?
And explain why it was interesting

Sample Answer:

While my journey in a train to my hometown, I had a very interesting conversation with a person named Smith (…say a name…) who was a journalist of a daily newspaper. I can’t recall his last name but he was a man around 35 years and sat next to me on the train.

I usually read books in long journeys or listen to music. That day I was reading a book by Dan Brown and the person who sat next to me asked about the book. This is how the conversation started. The conversation was mostly about writers in general, the political condition in our country, the role of an ideal leader, journalism, corruptions and the major problems of our country. I rarely continue longer conversations with strangers but that conversation I had on the train was pretty different and lasted almost 3-4 hours.

This conversation was interesting mostly because of three reasons: one, the person I had the conversation with was a smooth talking person with good knowledge and experience. Secondly, the way the conversation started and progressed was really interesting. I took my whole effort to debate on issues that I did not agree and also agreed with the notion that was similar to my viewpoint. Though this person was around 12 years senior to me, he never took any advantages of it and even he did not give any hint about it in the issued I disagreed with him. He treated me as an equally skilled opponent on many issues and listened to me very attentively. Finally, the place and circumstances when the conversation took place were really interesting and unusual. I must say, I learned many things from the opinions and experiences he shared that day.

Follow-up questions:

  1. How is communication changing between people?
    Communication has definitely changed in the past few decades. From communicating through pigeon dropping letters we are now able to see each other while talking. Earlier people went on to meet others personally, but with advancement in technology people are now comfortable sitting in their room and interacting through smart phones. Instead of those long letters now see the cut and short messages.
  2. It used to be common to talk to strangers. Do you think it’s okay to talk to people you don’t know?
    I think it is fine only with an intention of knowing the other person or may be just passing time. Because no matter how great friends we have, they also were strangers at some point of time. But, if one starts interacting with complete strangers, whom we never meet of have no connection in common, sometimes it turns out in a very negative way, especially if one is traveling alone.
  3. How often do you start up a conversation with people you don’t know?
    I do it rarely, especially when I am in a journey and I see my comrades. I remember, there was a journey that I took and I met people from my company and we didn’t knew each other. So, we talked off and got to know about the company and stuff. The other time I was taking a journey to Puri during the path yare and met so many people during my journey. Some told me about the temple’s history, others shared their passion for touching the rope of the chariot.
  4. Think about how your Grandmother talks with people. Is it the same as how you talk to people?
    My grandmother is very sincere when she talks to people. I have seen her speaking her heart out, being honest with what she feels about the other person. Rarely, does she speaks with those she is not interested in. Too an extent I think I am like her only, because I also speak to the ones I like to.
  5. Use your imagination. How will people communicate in the future?
    I think it will be all technology for communicating. Most probably, people will communicate using their minds. Technologies where people will be able to send their thoughts off to the other person will be available. It might even be possible that people are able to feel the other person virtually and interact with them.
  6. How have smart phones changed communication?
    Smart phones have taken talking as the form of communication to messaging as the foremost method we use to communicate. Earlier people interacted using a call, now we have whatsapp, social media and so much at our tip. There was wait in earlier times, the curiosity for the letter about to come, and then the fun in reading it and writing back. Now, it is very instant. The moment, I feel like talking with someone, I can interact in jus seconds, get a reply and move on. Although, it has made conversations easier but I think it has taken away the fun of waiting and reading about the other person life.