IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #68 Describe a place that can be good to relax

Describe a place that can be good to relax (not home). You should say
Where this place is What it is like
How do you spend time there
And explain why you think it is a good place for relaxation.

Sample Answer:

Well, your questions have reminded me of the Classical Chinese Garden which is just a 10-minute walk away from where I live. It’s always a perfect place to visit. The covered walkways provide shelter so the beautiful views can be appreciated in any weather.

The place is very peaceful, almost like a window on another world. Like other traditional Chinese park, there are a whole bunch of meadows, waterfalls, lakes, rockery there. The scenery seems to change every few feet. Therefore, many elementary school teachers take their students there to discover the secrets of the Chinese culture and the garden is often rented for filming.

I always go to the park to let off steam after work because of the stunning natural views there. The garden is breathtaking in every season. When in spring, everything in the garden turns green and the flowers bloom almost at the same time. In summer, the trees are pretty shady so we can watch fish play in the glistening ponds. The trees change colors in autumn and the foliage looks absolutely fascinating. The garden is brilliant even in winter because snow makes it pure and neat.

Follow-up questions:

  1. How do people in your country like to relax?
    It depends on personalities, you see. Not everyone is weird and use video games to unwind like me. While some might relax by hanging out with their best buddies, others release all their stress simply by a quick power nap.
  2. How were people relaxing in the past?
    Well I am not entirely sure. I mean I wasn’t there to witness. My dad told me that he never rested a day in this life as he had to work his ass off to feed six other siblings. Of course I don’t really believe in word of mouth but his dad, whose pride is off the charts, would never tell me how he chilled.
  3. Is it different today? Why?
    Yea I feel like kids these days are offered more time for relaxation thanks to better living standards. Although I don’t completely buy my dad’s boasts about his diligence, I acknowledge that life 20 years ago significantly differed from now and children had to join the workforce at an early age, hence relaxation was probably a luxury.
  4. Other possible questions:
    What is the importance of relaxation?
    How did people relax earlier and how do they now?
    Do you think we should take a day off from our working?
    Do you think relaxation should include some activity or doing nothing is enough?