IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #74 Describe a family member you would like to work with

Describe a family member you would like to work with You should say:
Who this person is
What kind of person he or she is Whether you’ve worked together before
And explain why you would like to work with this person (more than with other members of your family).

Sample Answer:

Let me tell you about my brother that I’d like to work with in my business. He is very considerate and thoughtful person who has always done his best to help me make decisions in the face of day-to-day difficulties.

My brother has a strong personality and he never lets others tell him what to do. I learned how to be more responsible and also more determined in my daily life. Although we’ve never worked together in business before, he always reminds me that things are not as easy as they appear and that I should work hard in order to get results.

I’d like to work with my brother because it’s lucky enough to find a wonderful partner in him, both personally and professionally. We can be honest with one another, and I trust him significantly more than I’ve trusted partners in the past. My brother is very loyal and I believe he will always watch my back. Although, I will say it is very important to define roles and boundaries with family immediately. He does tend to push the limits of what is acceptable if rules are not clearly defined. It also just happens that our skill sets are completely opposite and complementary.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do you think what the causes for the success of a family business are? There are various causes. Like any successful company, a family business must develop with the trend of the world, so it won’t die out. To achieve that, the young
    generation of the family must be able to take the lead and have their new idea in managing and running the company, rather than just relying on the experience of their parents and grandparents. Secondly, the family members should be in conformity, otherwise, the company won’t enjoy a further development with members fighting for their own interest.
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family business?
    On the positive side, most people in charge in a family business are members of the family; therefore they sincerely care about the development of the company, as its development is closely related to their family. However, there may be problems because of that. For example, staff, those not belong to the family, may not be pointed to important positions even they are professional and capable, so the development of the business may not be so rapid as it could be.
  3. What are the relationships among the members of a family business?
    In a family business, members may be direct or indirect relatives. A man, or with his wife, founded a business, and then his children and grandchildren may be likely to take part in the business, in charge of managing. Then if the rapid development of the company is in need of more people in management, then other relatives, such as relatives by marriage, will gradually join the business if they are able to.
  4. In what ways have families in your country changed in recent?
    The roles of husbands and wives changed in recent years. Both spouses have been more open to perform different roles such as working outside the home or pitching-in with the household duties. Another change I think is limiting the number of children in the family. Parents nowadays think of having smaller families due to high cost of living.
  5. Should husbands and wives have different roles within the family? Why (not)?
    Traditionally, husbands and wives had clear-cut roles in the society. Husbands used to provide the financial need of the family, while women were expected to take care of the house. Changes had occurred over time and both husbands and wives started to take part in each of these roles. I think this change is good. It is not necessary to define each role. I think whatever role each husband or wife takes, as long as it is good for the family, it is okay.
  6. Which are more important to you: your family or your friends?
    Both are important but family is more important for me than friends. Friends may come and go but I know that my family is always there and will always be there no matter what happens in my life and no matter what decisions I take.