IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #75 Describe something you want to learn which you can’t learn now

Describe something you want to learn which you can’t learn now? You should say
What it is?
How you will learn it? Why you want to learn it?
And explain why you can’t learn it now?

Sample Answer:

I would like to learn the taekwondo which is historical Korean martial arts and also is an excellent method of keeping fit and getting toned.

I guess it is just a fashionable hobby because it will enable me to build strength, improve my balance, coordination and flexibility. Apart from its health benefits, it can also teach me how to be calm, respect for others, control my movements and self-defense. Furthermore, it will help reinforce the traditional values like honesty, courtesy, courage and indomitable spirit.

There is a traditional taekwondo school located just near the sub district. Every time I pass by the school gate, I really would like to go inside, enroll the entry-level course and select my instructor. It would be very excited to wear the uniforms and the belt. But unfortunately I cannot get around to doing it currently due to my stressful work which makes me stay far away from all my hobbies. I am not sure if I will have some consecutive period of time to follow the courses. Hopefully one day in the future I would be a bit idle, I could be really into it and enjoy the pleasures of martial arts.

Follow-up questions:

Refer to 12