IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #8 Describe an important plant in your country

Describe an important plant in your country (such as fruits, flowers or vegetables) You should say:
What plant it is
How you first learned about this plant Where it grows
And explain why you think it is important.

Sample Answer:

So first of all, as for how I know about mambo, well I can’t really remember exactly how I first got to know about it, you know, it could have been in a biology class at school, or when I was out somewhere with my parents, but my guess would be that I probably first knew it at primary school because that was about the time when we first started learning about things like that.

Anyway, moving on to why bamboo is important, well I’d say it’s pretty important for a number of reasons, the main one of which would be that it can be used to make so many different things, you know, such as chopsticks, shopping boards, flooring, what else, um…oh yes, and musical instruments, like the bamboo flute for example.

And another thing to mention is that bamboo is also used a lot for carrying stuff. For example, what I’ve seen people do is rest it con their shoulders, and then hang things on each end, because as well as being strong, it’s also very flexible, so it won’t break, even with very heavy loads. So it’s extremely useful, and what’s good about it is that it grows incredibly fast, you know, not like most other trees, and so although a lot of them are cut down to make stuff, there will still always be an abundant supply of it here.

But anyway, finally then as for how much I like bamboo well I’d say it’s actually probably one of my favorite plants! Because I mean, it kind of just gives me a nice, peasant feeling whenever I see it. And it’s also a plant which is often associated with Vietnam, because we grow so much of it here, so it’s something that kind of reminds me of my own culture, if you know what I mean. So yes, I guess that’s pretty much it then. Thanks for listening.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do people in your country like growing plants by themselves?
    Well, I would say it depends; this may vary from the geographical location. You know, for people in the suburbs they most likely grow their own crops because they have a wide space like a barn or a plantation to grow their plants. What’s more, this can ensure the quality of food is fresh especially vegetables and fruits like cabbage, carrots and strawberries. Another reason is that, they make this as a primary source of income, they sell their products on public market in town. Basically, this is where most people make money.
  2. Where do people grow plants?
    There are several places where people plant their crops. The most common is the rice field, I can say that it’s the best place to grow your plants because of the fact that rice fields has good soil quality and is sufficient for sunlight especially those plants that requires direct sunlight such as rice, corns, etc. But for some, they usually grow their plants on their back yard, they make a small area to plant some crops and some area to grow their flowers. Take my grandma as an example, she has a small backyard where she garden her plants everyday. She has varieties of tomatoes and flowers in it.
  3. What do you think is the most important plant in your country?
    t is no doubt that paddy plant is the most essential plant in my country because rice is the main food in Vietnam. You know, people in Vietnam eat rice or noodles as part of their heavy meal. According to my history class, in ancient Vietnam people found a solution to feed their stomach using some basic ingredients, it is then they invented fried rice which has become the most common part of Vietnamese people’s meal especially in the Southern area. I can tell that, it is not only an affordable meal but also a healthy meal as you can add vegetables and some seasoning to make it flavorful. So I have the thought that if there is no enough supply of rice, most people will starve especially the needy ones.
  4. Do you want to be a farmer in the future?
    Farming is a decent job, I highly respect them and without farmers we will have no supply of crops, however, in my personal view point, I don’t think it is a suitable job for me due to the reason that I want to be a good doctor. I have been an aspiring doctor since I was a kid and may parents have been very supportive about it. The main reason why I want to be a doctor is because I want to help cure diseases all over China and to help spread health awareness to people. I respect farmers but being a farmer is not something I have thought of doing in the future.
  5. Is it important to eat fruits?
    We all know that fruits must be part of our daily meals so I strongly believe that fruits are essential to us. I can provide a reason to prove this, first, when I got sick my doctor told me to eat healthy foods, what he meant was, to avoid processed foods and eat foods that grow on trees such as fruits like bananas, apple and grapes. I followed his advice and guess what? I recovered quickly. In general, fruits are natural remedies for illness and for long life.
  6. Did you like to eat fruits when you were a child?
    If I can vividly remember, it wasn’t difficult for me to eat any kinds of food during my childhood and fruits are not an exemption. So I am guessing that, I liked to eat fruits when I was young due to the fact that my mother prepared fruits in a very creative way. What I mean is that, she made different shapes out of an apple or banana which attracted me to eat it.
    Therefore, eating fruits was part of my meal when I was young.