IELTS Speaking Part 2&3 #9 Describe a family photo that you like

Describe a family photo that you like. You should say:
Who is in the photo?
Who took the photo?
Why this photo was taken
And explain why you like that photograph.

Sample Answer:

The family photograph that I really like and remember well is the one which was taken almost 20 years ago. This photograph was framed and enlarged by my father and it is still hanging on the wall of our drawing room. This photograph was taken when I was only 3 years old and at the 6th marriage anniversary of my parents.

My father, mother and I were standing in while my grandparents were sitting in front of us in this picture. The picture captured the memory of a very happy family. The time when this picture was taken, I was very little then and I don’t have any particular memory of this event. Back then the camera was very rare in our country and I heard from my mother that a camera man was hired to take the photo of this event. The picture was taken in the garden of our house and my grandparents used to live with us at that moment.

My grandparents have passed away and this is a revered memory of them. I still look at this picture and feel sad not to have them with us now. I was very little and I still look at me in this photograph with bewilderment. This is the picture that gives me the memory of a happy event, happy family, and innocent me. As I notice this photograph very often at my home, I remember it very well. This is, in fact, the only picture I have of my pre-school age. So this is very important and memorable for me.

Follow-up questions:

  1. Do you like to take photographs? Why?
    I am not a professional photographer and my interests vary for a career. However, I do like clicking photographs from my iPhone, either when I am travelling or at parties. For me, photographs are a mere collection of the memories made which I often display at my house of social media account. Taking those crazy pictures, sometimes hazy fill me with joy and remind me of the great times I had.
  2. Would you like to study photography?
    Presently not. I think there is already a lot on my plate. With a job at a corporate and being a freelancer leaves very little time for any learning. Also, my focus right now is on improving my writing and speaking skills. Having said that, photography is something I would love to learn but in the distant future and not immediately
  3. What makes a good photograph?
    Although I love taking pictures for a long time, I haven’t been concerned with the details and technical aspects of photography thoroughly. But I would say that the most important part of a good photograph is the theme of the picture. For example, a beautiful landscape could make a photo really impressive by just having beautiful colors or scenery. Furthermore, the angle that the photograph is taken from is significant as well, because with technique a simple theme can become an attractive one. Furthermore, lighting, focus on proper objects and use of right camera can make an ordinary scene to become a beautiful photograph.
  4. What do you think about ‘Photography’ as a career?
    This question is equally interesting and difficult for me. My personal belief is that ‘Photography’ is a great occupation, not only because it is indispensable for many different fields but also because through it people can discover the world. To be more precise, by taking a photograph, the moment is frozen and the depiction is saved no matter what. Photographs decorate books, magazines, paintings and many other things. So, it’s an essential vocation that is associated with other jobs, similar to it or not. In addition to this, photographers travel a lot across the world and see new places, landscapes, buildings and so on. It is something that apart from a profession is also a hobby and provides entertainment and spiritual education to photographers. As I see in my country the career of a good photographer is quite bright and full of possibility. With online journalism, this has become an even more demanding profession.
  5. What are the improvements latest technologies has brought in photography? Technology has contributed to tremendous improvements in photography and its storage and distribution. First of all, smartphones and iPhone have built-in high-resolution cameras and that has made taking pictures easier and more convenient. People these days are no longer obligated to carry a professional camera with them to take pictures. Pictures taken from a mobile phone can be transferred and viewed on a personal computer and can be stored online. The photo editing software can not only change some basic characteristics of the photo taken but also the whole picture and can make it more appealing.
  6. How often do you take photographs?
    Option 1: The truth is I used to take pictures very rarely in the past, but after I created my Instagram account, I’ve become accustomed to taking pictures very frequently. I really like capturing every important moment and other significant events with my friends and family and sharing them with my online friends has become a common activity for me. That doesn’t mean, of course, that I take pictures all the time but I try not to miss capturing worthy moments and sceneries. My Instagram account, which is photograph storage and photo sharing website, has led and inspired me to use my camera more frequently than ever before
    Option 2: It depends, if something funny or interesting happens then I’ll snap it on my phone and share it on Facebook or Instagram, but if I’m not doing anything interesting then I don’t really think about taking photos or pictures. I guess on average I take at least one picture a day, sometimes a lot more, so very frequently I suppose.
  7. Do you take photographs of yourself?
    Not very often, I would say, but yes I do. Especially, when I have to go to a party, I click photos from my phone just to make sure that I am looking good. Also, it may sound funny, but
  8. I do take my snaps when I am sad. The moment I see myself depressed I cheer up. It is my way of fighting back and reminding myself that life is beautiful. And then there are times when I am bored. So, I usually go to those crazy Instagram features and make funny faces and take pictures.
  9. Do you have any good family photographs?
    Option 1: Very few I must say. And from the ones that we have, most of them are really crazy! Almost all of them have at least one of us making a weird face. But, there is a photograph of ours where my parents are holding me and my brother in their arms and we are smiling solemnly and are parents are looking at each other. It really makes me feel good and is framed and kept in the house.
    Option 2: Yes, a lot. I like taking photos of my family, and so do my sisters, especially on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other special days when we’re all together. I’ve got quite a big family, so it’s sometimes a challenge to get us all together in a photo – but we’ve got some really good ones over the years.