The Speaking test consists of a three-part oral interview between you and an examiner and takes between 11 and 14 minutes. All speaking tests are recorded.

Part 1: Introduction and Interview

The examiner introduces him/herself and verifies your identity (you must have a valid ID or passport). The examiner asks you questions from up to three familiar topics. The first topic, for example, may be about your work or studies. The second could be about activities that you like doing in your free time. The third topic could deal with your views on public transport in the area where you live. This task lasts roughly 4-5 minutes.

Part 2: Individual Long Turn

You are given a task card with a topic and list of items that you must discuss during this task. There will be one minute allotted for preparation aid making notes; you then talk for about two minutes. If you do not finish within two minutes, the examiner will stop you. The examiner will ask one or two questions to round off the long turn. This section takes roughly 3-4 minutes,including the one-minute preparation time.

Part 3:Two-way Discussion

The examiner invites you to participate in discussion based on questions linked to Part 2.

Speech Functions Often Used by Candidates

During the speaking test, you will usually use the following speech functions:

•Conversation repair
•Expressing a preference
•Expressing opinions
•Justifying opinions
•Narrating and paraphrasing
•Providing non-personal information
•Providing personal information

Other speech functions may be used during the test, but they are not obliged by the test structure.