IELTS Speaking Topic #9 Music

Part 1

Do you like listening to the music on a regular basis?

Yes, without a doubt. I like different music genresDifferent types of music (such as pop music, rock, classical music etc.) and I listen to various tunes almost every day… I do not like elevator musicMusic that is played in places like supermaket or family restaurant. Almost always is very repetitive and boring., though… It makes me bored and annoyed.

Have you ever been interested in singing?

No, not really… I took singing classes when I was younger, but, unfortunately, I am tone deafNot able to discern the notes properly., so I can’t sing very well…

Can you say that music is a very important part of your life?

No, I can’t… Although I enjoy music and listen to classical musicMusic that is thought to be a part of a long, formal tradition. every now and then, I’m not obsessed with it…

Part 2

Now, have a look at the card and prepare a monologue.

Describe a band you enjoy listening to. You should say:

  • How did you find them
  • What kind of music do they play
  • When do you listen to them

And say why you like them so much

I really enjoy listening to Maroon 5… I found this music bandA group of people who play music. a few years ago, when I was looking for some pop musicPopular music.on the Internet… And, immediately after listening to the few of their songs, I fell in love with this awesome band… Their music is very catchy and tunefulFull of pleasant, melodious sounds. at the same time. I especially like this band for their driving rhythmsMelody that makes you feel active…. As of today, I have gone to a few of their concerts and have their posters all over my wall. I listen to their songs when I’m upset or stressed out… They always cheer me upMake my mood better…. Also, one of their songs, namely “Payphone”, is set as a ringtoneSound that a cell phone makes when someone is calling. on my phone.

Part 3

Do you think music is getting better as time goes on?

No, quite the opposite. In my opinion, music was a lot better back in the day… I love music from 60s and 70s… There are myriads ofA lot of. famous rock bandsMusicians that play rock music. of that time that I really like… And nowadays almost every pop-songPopular song. sounds boring and dull to me…

Where do you think people enjoy listening to music the most?

I my point of view, it all depends on a person… As for me, I enjoy listening to the music in my room, where nobody can bother me… But a lot of my friends would prefer listening to the music while travelling in public transport… This way their journey becomes more pleasant.

Is it better to go to a live concert or to listen to a CD?

I think that nothing compares to a live concertConcert that is played right in front of you.! It’s just magical to be on a concert in a large group of people like you, listening to the songs you know being played right in front of you… It’s empowering, and completely unlike listening to recorded music.

Do you like the same music as your parents?

Um… When I was a child I used to listen to the same music as my parents did… Probably, that was because we were often driving in the same car … and my parents always turned on some jazzMusic with intricate, propulsive rhythms and melodical freedom. on the radio. So I thought I was fond of jazz… But eventually I discovered other music genres and understood that I like rock musicMusic with driving rhythms that involves guitars. and technoA style of disco music characterized by very fast synthesizer rhythms, heavy use of samples, and a lack of melody. much more…

Vocabulary Music

  • music genre: a distinct type of music. Famous music genres include:
    • classical music: music that is thought to be a part of a long, formal tradition. My dad is fond of classical music. He listens to Mozart and Beethoven every day.
    • pop music: a genre of popular music. One of the most famous pop-singers in the history are Michael Jackson and Madonna.
    • rock music: music that is based around amplified instruments, especially the electric guitar and electric bass, and is characterized by driving rhythms. My favourite music genre is rock. I adore such rock bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles.
  • catchy tune: a tune or a song that’s easy to remember and that you enjoy singing. I heard a catchy song the other day and now it’s stuck in my head.
  • elevator music: music that is played in places like supermarket or family restaurant. Almost always is very repetitive and annoying. Yesterday I heard a very annoying elevator music in the local supermarket.
  • live music: music performance in front of an audience. I prefer listening to a live music than to a recording. It’s much more emotional and energetic.
  • music to one’s ears: something (often information) very pleasant and enjoyable to someone. When my teacher told me that I got the highest mark in the class for the assignment, it was like music to my ears.
  • opera: a kind of performance in which actors sing during their play with music performed by an orchestra. I often listen to classical music and go to opera.
  • ringtone: sound that a cell phone makes when someone is calling. I set my favourite song as a ringtone on my cell phone.
  • rock band: musicians that play rock music. Last week I was on my favourite rock band’s concert.
  • tone deaf: not able to discern the notes properly.Alhough I’m tone deaf, I’d like to learn to sing properly in the future.
  • tuneful: pleasant and melodious music or sound. I heard a tuneful choir of birds yesterday morning.

Useful idioms:

  • to face the music: to have to accept the unpleasant consequences of your actions. If you commit a crime, eventually, you’ll have to face the music.
  • to ring a bell: to sound familiar. I think I heard this song somewhere. It definitely rings a bell.
  • to sound like a broken record: to repeat yourself again and again. Little children often sound like a broken record and it annoys most people.
  • to strike (hit) a false note: to do something wrong. I realised that I hit a false note on the exam when I received a 0 mark afterwards.