IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #1/12 : Health 01

Some people think that shops should not be allowed to sell any food or drink that has scientifically been proved to have bad effects on people’s health.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Opinion 1

Some people think that stores should be prohibited from selling any food or drink that is proved to be harmful to people. I disagree with this opinion.
There is no doubt that some food and drinks can be harmful to a persons health. Drinks such as alcohol, energy drinks and soft drinks and even coffee, can all be harmful if over-consumed. Along the same lines, it has been well-documented that food items such as fast foods, fried foods and processed foods can have negative effects on a person’s health, if consumed regularly.

That being said, most of these foods are not harmful if consumed in moderation As an example, wine consumption can be good for a person ‘s heart health, but only if that consumption is moderate. A person who overconsumes wine or other alcohol may well be subject to negative health risks

Before products are allowed to be sold in shops, most of those products have already received safety approval from governments to make sure the products do not contain toxins,contaminants, or cancer-causing agents. Some products are then required to contain labels which list contents, possible side effects, or health warnings. Often these warnings are in regards to overuse, over-consumption, misuse or abuse. After the government deems products safe for sale on the market, it becomes the responsibility of the consumer to choose and use those products responsibly.

Although some foods and drinks can have negative health effects, those negative effects are almost always related to overuse or misuse. Ultimately, it should be the responsibility of the
consumer to use the product as recommended. We do not need additional rules and regulations to prohibit food and drink sales as those regulations and guidelines are already in place.


Opinion 2

There is an opinion that all shops should stop selling food and drinks that can cause any harm to customers’ health. Although science warns that these products are harmful, I think it
Is not a mature opinion.

It is true that many health issues originally come from some harmful food that is accessible to anyone shopping in the store. In theory, if people cannot buy these kinds of food or drinks,they should be able to maintain good health.For instance, with no sugary drinks on the shelves, young buyers can stay away from obesity because scientists have proved relation between sugar and weight problems.

Nonetheless, people may have neglected an important perspective, which is that any kind of food can be fatal to one person but harmless to another.A typical example is that it has been proved that it is dangerous for babies to drink milk as there are substances in the milk that can cause problems for young kids. But adults can prevent having fragile bones by drinking milk. Another example is that meat has been an essential source of energy for humans, but eating too much red meat directly leads to heart problems. If we only focus on the bad sides of foods and drinks, people will starve because everything seems dangerous.

To sum up, eating without care and caution turns safe food and drinks into poisons. Thus,do not think it is wise to prohibit shops selling “scientifically harmful “foods and drinks. A more practical approach is to inform people the potential danger of overseeing some foods and let consumers make decision.