IELTS Writing 12 Topics Sample #1/12 : Health 02

The increase in food production owes much to fertilizers and better machinery, but some people think that it has a negative impact on human health and community.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Opinion 1

Fertilizer and better machinery are largely responsible for the increase in food production over the years. Some people contend that this increased production has had a negative impact on human health and community.

There is no doubt that food production is important to society.we live in a world in which millions of people still die of starvation. The earth has a limited amount of land which is available to raise crops and it is important to make sure that the yield for that land is as high as possible. Fertilizer and better equipment play a major role in ensuring high yield in food production. Fertilizer makes the crops grow faster, while bigger and better machinery allows for the crops to be planted and harvested in a more rapid manner, ensuring that less of the food produced is wasted.

On the negative side, studies show that fertilizer can harm the environment and can also be dangerous to people. It can get into the streams and rivers surrounding the land where crops are grown. When this happens the water in those rivers and streams can be contaminated. Bigger and better machinery can also have a negative impact on the environment, but to a lesser extent. When more land is cultivated the equipment is widely used to destroy forests to accommodate additional planting.

Although high yield and increased production are certainly important in food production it is crucial to make sure that the methods and means used to do so are not harmful to our environment.

Opinion 2

With the rapid growth of population, food shortage has been an urgent problem. Thinks to the invention of fertilizers and agricultural machinery, food production has increased dramatically. Although the benefits of the development are obvious, it has negative impacts on our health and community as well.

It cannot be denied that the application of fertilizers and machinery makes a great contribution to the world. Advanced machinery raises work efficiency to a higher level. That is to say more land can be farmed and fewer workers need to work in the field apart from that, the use of fertilizers creates high yields as they turn some barren fields into fertile ones.In this way, food production is increased and the production cost is reduced, which allows food to be cheaper than before.

However, there are many hidden drawbacks of the development. It is reported by some researchers that some health problems are closely associated with farming products. Some chemical fertilizers contain heavy metals and toxic element, which does great harm to human health. In addition, environmental problems related to the wide use of fertilizers are out of control. People grow food at the price of destroying soil quality. In the long run, more farm land will be abandoned because of concerns on fertility. Moreover, once the pesticide residues in irrigated water flow into rivers or lakes, it will cause further water pollution.

It cannot be denied that fertilizers and agricultural machinery contribute to mass production and save more lives than before. however, we should also be cautious about the disadvantages they can have. Authorities should intensively supervise and encourage farmers to use environment-friendly fertilizers to reduce the harm to the environment and human health